80 Ball Bingo Games

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo has grown in popularity as an interval game used to increase bingo winnings. Played primarily at bingo halls there are now a few casinos online which offer 80 ball Bingo. The fast pace of the game and the opportunity to earn extra cash is one reason that this version of the game has been so widely accepted at land based casinos.

The Basics of 80 Ball Bingo

80 ball Bingo is basically a speed bingo game. Each board contains 16 numbers arranged in four rows and four columns. This is just one way that 80 ball Bingo differs from the 75 ball version for which the tickets are arranged in fives. The first two columns on the board are numbered 1-20 and 21-40 and are colored red and yellow in that order. The last two columns colored blue and silver will have the numbers 41-60 and 61-80 displayed.

There are three ways to play the game and they are all based on the line-square combinations are described below.

  • Line, Four Corners or Four Middle Squares – to emerge as the winner in this version of the game you will have to complete a line that is either vertical, diagonal or horizontal or fill in the four outer corners or four middle squares.
  • Line and House – same as the above game you will need to fill in lines or corners with one addition if you can; the full house. Win both the line and full house and increase your earnings.
  • Four lines – there will be four prizes available in this version of the game. The principle of this game is simple; you need to complete any one vertical line in the first round, then two lines in the second, three lines in the third and finally four lines or a full house in the fourth round.

If you’re lucky you will be able to win cash money when playing 80 Ball Bingo and also get an indisputable thrill between the main books.

Why play 80 Ball Bingo?

The 80 Ball bingo bonus game is a fun but productive way to spend your time while you wait for the main bingo game to start. It is a short quick game that is packed with entertainment giving players the opportunity to increase their bingo winnings at the same time.

If you’ve played 80 ball bingo at land based casinos and want to experience the same thrill online you will find a number of casinos that have upgraded their packages to include this popular game.  That said some top online bingo sites do not provide this version of the game simply because of its similarity to the 75 ball version. Therefore if you’re looking for a game that’s similar with a few less numbers then you can play this version as an alternative.