Backgammon PayPal

Backgammon PayPal

Why Use Paypal in Backgammon

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What is Backgammon?

Backgamon is a board game that can be played with two players. The backgammon board has twenty-four narrow triangles called the points that are in alternate colors and are grouped in four quadrants that has six triangles each. The quadrants will now be considered as the player’s homeboard and outer board and are separated from each other by a bar.

To play backgammon, each player have their own pair of dice and will aim to move al their checkers to their home board and bear them off and the player who did bear off first considered as the winner.

Backgammon Rules

Just like any other board game, backgammon also has its own rule in playing the game. Generally, with backgammon, starting and movements of the game are all based on the number of pips shown during the die throwing.

When moving the checkers, listed below are the rules to follow:

1. A checker can only be moved to a vacant point or the ones referred to as an openpoint.

2. Number shown by the dice constitutes separate moves, meaning one checker can be moved following one die’s showed number and another checker follows the number showed by the other die. On the other hand, one checker can be moved combining the showed numbers by both die if the points are open.

3. When a player happens to roll doubles, he or she will play the number shown on the dice twice. Meaning if the dice show 6 and a 6, the player will move one checker 6 points twice and the other checker another 6 points twice.

4. Every roll made, the player must play the numbers shown as long as he or she has open points to move. If both number shown are impossible to play, the player losses his or her turn.