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cashU is a new and different payment option which is more common and popular among the people living in the Middle East. It can be used to make extremely tiny payments like paying for a ringtone, as well as for making big payments. The main function of bingo cashU is for transferring funds. cashU is a modern internet payment solution which has very stringent security checks to secure the costumers account information from hackers and online thieves. They can also be used as prepaid debit cards. Although the function of these debit cards are limited but still they are very easy and safe to use which is why they are so popular in the middle east countries.

The main function of cashU is that it protects the customers personal information very stringently. Its other function is that it can be used to make small as well as huge payments. Because of its efficiency and security guarantee it is now available and used in twenty eight countries. cashU provides services offline as well as online. Its extremely easy to operate and takes very less time to register .To open an account in a bingo that takes cashU a person just has to enter ones account detail and password to get started.

Bingo with cashU is very popular in the Arab countries where it is the most popular payment method in malls as it can be used to make tiny as well as huge payments without any deductions. It provides zero risk to the costumer, keeps their personal information safe, is cost effective, has strong security system and can be used for a variety of functions like online purchase, shopping in malls, to make offline and online payments etc.

Bingo cashU is a prepaid card which does not allow the card holder to spend more than the cards balance. This saves the card holder from going into big loans and debt consolidation. It also makes sure that the serving party doesn’t remain without payment and thus is beneficial for both the spending party as well as the receiving party. cashU is a new addition in the world of online money transaction and has become hugely popular in more than 25 countries in a short span of time.

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