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MoneyBookers is an extremely, efficient, safe, easy, popular, deposit option for bingo websites. Going by the popularity of bingo games, it is not surprising to see Money Bookers growing in popularity as well. No wonder it reached already 28 million members. Any individual player or company can use it, simply with an email address, to make and receive payments online. Commission fees are low and that makes this e wallet system very attractive to its clients. Skrill Moneybookers offers money transactions from any company or customer through bank account or credit card.

It is authorized by the British Financial Services Administration (FSA) and perfectly reliable and scam free.

Moneybookers is a perfect product for online merchants, individuals, small businesses and online gamers who for this reason or the other prefer not to work with the more known payment methods. As e wallet systems become mainstream and many people find it better to keep some money outside their bank account and out of credit card reach, Moneybookers serves as a great alternative. It accepts and welcomes customers and company’s from all over the world, from all countries without any exceptions.

Ladbrokes Bingo accept MoneyBookers to deposit and withdraw money:

money bookers bingo

Play Bingo with Moneybookers

The simplicity in which transactions are processed and money moves accounts make Moneybookers a natural choice for online bingo players. No need to wait a few days for payments to process and winnings to be collected. Its an ideal choice of fast moving online games like bingo and casino, where instant cash is an indispensable need.

Moneybookers, with its new branding, Skrill, was made for online players. It was intended to help bettors, punters, bingo and casino players deposit and withdraw without getting hassled by restrictions. Many of the other e wallet systems put restrictions on transactions related to online gambling. But Moneybookers never did so.

Moneybookers bingo is just a shortcut for saying that a certain bingo sites accepts payments made with Moneybookers. On the list of bingo sites taking Skrill Moneybookers payments you can find Ladbrokes, Bucky bingo, Sky bingo, Giggle and Back2school, Nordic bet and Red32.

How to and how much it costs

Opening an account is extremely easy and requires only an e mail address. After verification is made via a code sent you will be able to enter credit card details. You will then be charged a tiny amount and be asked to enter that amount in the appropriate box at your Skrill Moneybookers account. This is in order to confirm you own that credit card. The exact amount, which can be found in your banking statement, will be refunded to you. Opening an account is FREE with no fees charged.

Transaction Fees

If you use a credit card – 1.9% fee.

Sending money to someone – 1%, up to a maximum of EUR 0.5.

Receiving and requesting money is free.

Withdrawing money to a bank account – EUR 1.8.

Withdrawing via a cheque – a flat fee of EUR 3.5.