Online Bingo In Spain

Online Bingo In Spain

Online Bingo Is Now Happening In Spain

According to Juan De Pedro, the manager of Spanish online bingo site QueBingo and the speaker of the fourth Annual Online Bingo summit 2009, the Spanish market has dramatically changed for the last 12 months. More and more Spanish players are now enjoying playing bingo at the comfort of their own homes.

De Pedro further says that before, bingo paypal sites for the Spanish Markets are just merely translations of UK and US bingo sites. The drawbacks with these translated sites are bad translations. Moreover, right now there are already some sites that are designed specifically designed for the Spanish market. According to De Pedro, localizing bingo sites is one of the fundamentals to do like being able to process transaction in the local currency, a nice copy, banners, chat room, terms and conditions and more written and operated by native speakers and not just merely translations.

With the online bingo sites specifically created for Spanish market coming out last year, they definitely ranks on top as to the Spanish players point of view compared to those translated ones. Bad translations are already gone and transacting in local currency is already available. Which is obvious a comfortable way of transacting online.

Bingo players maybe no different from each other no matter what country you may came from. De Pedro said that one of the huge factors for online bingo is the entertainment. Big prizes are not enough to keep the players stay longer. If in any other way they are not being entertained, they probably will not stay longer and might not visit again. Therefore, it is not an advantage to have large prizes alone. Prizes and new offers from bingo promotions should balance with the entertainment value the players can get. It is important for the players to have won and have the feeling of winning that is why it is better for a promotion to have more than winners so that many of the players have the chance of winning.

According to De Pedro, despite of the specifications made for Spanish market. It seems that some of the Spanish operator did not understand the importance of a chat room and the chat moderators. De Pedro believes that, chat rooms and a good team of chat moderators increases the entertainment value given to their players. It is important to have this kind of facilities to have somebody to entertain their players, thus avoiding for a certain site of losing their customers.