Buffalo Studios Launch a New Mobile Bingo App

Buffalo Studios have long been favored for their Facebook bingo game, Bingo Blitz which has rapidly become popular amongst users of the online social networking website. Now though, the developers behind the game are aiming to break into the mobile gaming market with the release of their first ever mobile bingo app, Bingo Rush.

The single-player version of their hugely successful online bingo game is quite similar in many regards to its Facebook cousin, albeit with a few new tweaks and perks. The original Bingo Blitz on the social networking site broke new ground when it was released, by being the first ever bingo game to include power-ups, collections and tournament play to the game play. What Buffalo Studios did was in effect, to add many aspects of other popular Facebook games to an online bingo game.

Their first step into the mobile gaming market will see Bingo Rush have similarly new features that continue to break ground and revolutionize the game of mobile and online bingo. Bingo Rush is a one player game unlike Bingo Blitz, and the idea behind the game is fast paced. Players must gather up as many bingo’s as they possibly can before the clock runs down. It seems simple enough to be sure; but will it catch on?

The creators of the iPhone and iPad (IOS) game have reasons to be optimistic. With a range of features including Super-Charged Bingo, six cards at once, new power-ups, new trophies and collections for winning players, credits and coins for victories and a brand new design, layout and interface; the expectations are high for this one of a kind new IOS mobile bingo game.

Available from the iTunes store, Bingo Rush is free to play and can be downloaded today.