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Benefits of Using Paypal in Poker

PayPal poker is an online banking solution that are known to be secure, fast and safe. When transacting with PayPal, personal and banking details will only be provided once. The next time you transact with PayPal all you have to provide to the merchant is your PayPal ID, which is obviously a safe way of having financial transaction online.

With today’s presence of Poker PayPal, there will be no doubt that more and more people will now be convinced to play poker paypal online. Aside from the safe and secure money transfer made with the Poker PayPal room, funding your Poker PayPal account is done real time.

Mentioned above are just a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed when using PayPal to your Poker Accounts. When funding your Poker account using PayPal, you can also use your credit card in funding it without the need to reveal your credit card details, because all you have to provide when funding is your PayPal ID.

However, despite of all the benefits that can be enjoyed, not all countries will have the chance to avail Poker PayPal. However, this will never be hindrance, since other payment options are also available. These offers may not be as good as PayPal but they also process safe. While PayPal is not yet available, all the players have to do is to just wait for Poker Paypal to be available in their place.

What is Poker

Poker is now one of most played game in every online and brick and mortar casino. A game wherein rules vary between different casinos and or game settings, however all of them follow the same basic rules wherein all of the players can easily follow and are familiar with. These varying rules generally attract players in playing poker.

Poker players may act differently when playing that is why poker rooms have created a code of conduct that players must have to play to use their card room. Failure of doing so may result into denial of using the casino’s card room.

A code of conduct sample, the following acts are not allowed:

• Any form of cheating like collusion with another player

• Threatening patron or employees either verbal or physical

• Speaking bad words or using offensive language

• Arguing, shouting or any act that causes disturbance

• Throwing, tearing, and bending of cards

• Destroying casino properties

• Illegal substance usage

• Carrying of deadly weapons

Aside from the code of conduct, proper poker etiquette must also be observed while playing the game.

poker paypal Strategies

When playing poker paypal especially Texas Hold’em, position, patience and power are the main keys of winning. Choosing a starting hand is the most important decision a player will make in player poker paypal. It is a very common mistake for a player to play many hands. When playing Texas Hold’em it is important to be aware of your position’s relation to the dealer. When acting for an early position, you will definitely need to have a stronger hand because more players will be acting after you that may raise or re-raise the pot. That is why, it is important to be patient enough in waiting for the powerful starting hand in order for a player to play the right position. In addition, it is also very important that a player will pay attention to the game if he or she is not involved in a hand. In this way, he or she will gain some valuable information about his or her opponents by just observing the kind of hands they are playing.

Known Poker Tournaments

Many casinos own various tournaments, and the WSOP or the World Series of Poker is the most popular in the world. The WSOP is held every year in Las Vegas catering numerous known poker players, and the winners will have their WSOP bracelet.

Aside from the WSOP in Las Vegas, there is also a tournament called the WSOPE or the WSOP-Europe, which is being introduced by Harrahs in 2007.

Known Poker Players

Playing poker is not easy and needs tough knowledge, strategy and patience to win. Listed below are a few of the known poker players who played well in the poker table.

1. Phil Ivey – considered as the living poker legend in the world, Phil Ivey has won the 2008 LA Poker Classic Main Event.

2. Phil Laak – also known as the “Unaboomber” and has a trademark of wear9ing sweatshirt and sunglasses, Laak became a places in various poker tournaments.

3. Chris Moneymaker – considered as one of the big moneymaker in the poker world, Chris Moneymaker took home $2.5 million and an instant poker superstar status at the 2003 WSOP main event.

4. Doyle Brunson – unquestionably one of the most well known poker player in the world and has voted as the number one influential force in the poker world in January 2006 by the BLUFF magazine.

5. Annette Obrestad – Also known as, Annette_15, Obrestad at a very young age has already won a WSOP bracelet and considered to be the youngest player who got a bracelet.