Bingo Strategies

Bingo Strategies

Bingo is mostly a game of luck but there are ways to improve your odds of winning. Bingo strategies are not as complex as strategies used in other games because the game is rather straightforward and simple. It is so simple that even a beginner with no skills whatsoever can play alongside players that are more experienced and win.

Use the strategies outlined below to sway the odds in your favor and win at Bingo time and time again.

Play Often

According to some statisticians the odds of winning at Bingo increases if you play longer. Stay in the game as long as you possibly can and at some point your numbers will be called. It is better to play several games rather than throw all your money in on one game.

Don’t Wait Until Weekend

Get your game on during the week when there will be fewer players in the game. This will give you a lot of practice to prepare for the weekend influx of players and higher jackpots. When you do play on the weekend you should buy as many cards as you can afford in the least expensive level. The payout will be less per game but it will work out since you will win more games.

Bonus Ball

You should always purchase the Bingo bonus ball add on. Look for the color when it comes up and if you have the matching color on your card you will be entitled to an extra prize or bonus.

Play When the Jackpots Are High

When jackpots are high you will increase your odds of winning. High jackpots indicate that there are more people playing and since someone must win the jackpot it could very well be you. The competition will be stiff but if you do win the earnings will be high.


Investigate the reputation of the Bingo site that you intend to play at so that you do not have any unpleasant surprises. Due to the mass appeal for Bingo more and more new sites are showing up and a few of them are built by scammers who are looking to take your money. Search for reviews and always use payment methods that make it easy to recoup your money if you are scammed.

Know Your Limits

Never play more Bingo than your pockets can afford. If you’ve played several games with hopes of winning the elusive jackpot and lost you need to call it a day and accept your loses.

Another way that you must know your limits is with the amount of cards that you play. More experienced players can keep track of ten or more cards. This is good since it increases the odds of winning but it takes practice. Do not try to imitate their actions if it is beyond your capabilities to keep track of multiple cards.  Start off small and increase your numbers gradually until you find the magic number.

Use Promo Codes and Coupons To Play Bingo

Bingo halls offer a number of promo codes, bonus codes and coupons to entice players when business is slow. Take advantage of these to play Bingo for free and win cash money while doing so.

Strategy is good and necessary to increase your winnings but don’t strategize so much that you forget what is means to play Bingo and have fun.