Simply the best Bingo TV ads:

Bingo ads are a dime a dozen. The goal of any ad (considering the money they spend for airtime) is to get viewers to take action. An effective ad will linger in the viewers’ minds for hours after the ad has shown. There are some bingo ads that fall flat and leave only a feeling of disgust in its wake while there are others that make you immediately want to play Bingo. Here are a few of my favorite Bingo ads.


Foxy Bingo Ad


Let me just say that the fox in the ad looks a bit creepy at first glance. He looks like a pimp in that burgundy suit but he is the central character that pulls the neighborhood together. The thing that I especially like about the ad is the feeling of community that it creates. We see everyone coming together to play the game which is exactly what Bingo is about; community and fun. The soundtrack is also appropriate since it further helps t establish that feeling of family and community. Foxy Bingo gives £10 free to new users.

888Ladies Ad

This bingo ad is hilarious. It stars Vic Reeves who cross dresses as a lady as soon as his wife goes out. He then heads over to his study to play a game of bingo online. The ad shows that getting dressed as a lady isn’t as easy as most men think. It is definitely funny when he tries on a few dresses, tweezes his nose hairs, puts on makeup and a wig and rips his tights. The soundtrack “Ladies Night” is definitely appropriate for the ad. 888Ladies also offers £10 free to new users.

Wink Bingo

What can a fat housewife do if she wins a game of bingo at home? Well “Jump for Joy” of course. The housewife plays a short game of bingo in her pajamas and immediately wins. In her glee she starts jumping on the sofa, on the walls and on the ceiling. It just goes to show how easy it is to play bingo and the fact that you can win at home in your pajamas says it all. The soundtrack “Jump for Joy” is also most appropriate for the ad. Wink gives £15 free play with no deposit required.

Ladbrokes Bingo Commercial

Escape the mundane and gross with a game of bingo online. That is the essence of the ad from Ladbrokes. With no snazzy soundtrack or hype this simple ad appeals to the bingo player who just wants to escape for a few minutes every day with a game or two. New users will get £10 free when they spend £10.



Crown Bingo

A very simple ad with a very simple soundtrack the ad from Crown Bingo gets the point across. It’s not extremely creative, the people in the ad walk around with crowns hovering over their heads. New users get £10 of free play.

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