Bingo Bonus Codes

With the advent of the world wide web, great things started to happen on the internet.   Used to be that if you wanted to go play bingo you had to get dressed and drive to the bingo hall, stand in line to buy tickets, find a place to sit (making sure not to take a little ole lady’s particular seat), get out your daubers, spread out your sheets of cards and wait for the game to start.   Well, of course you can still do this if you like a night out with friends, but if you just plain like to play bingo, try out some of the best bingo sites you can find on the internet.

The coolest thing about all these sites is that they offer super incentives to get you to try out their bingo rooms. All you need to do is log onto the internet and pull up a search engine of choice like Google, Bing, etc.   Use the words bingo bonus codes, bingo promo codes, bingo promotion codes, or just bingo codes.   Loads of sites will pop up and you can peruse each and every one of them for the best deals around.

For instance, one site might offer a bonus code that says it will give you £15 just for trying their site.   In addition to that, they will supply you with yet another promotion code to get you to deposit your own money.   Let’s say they want you to deposit £10 and for doing so they will place in your bonus account another £30.  These bingo codes have now provided plenty of incentive for you to make that deposit and get to playing.

First you play off your £10 deposit (hopefully winning a bingo or two) and then you start using the money placed in your promo codes account.  In your cash account there will be £10 and in your promotional bingo code account there will be £45.  Using the promo codes account acts the same as hard cash but sometimes it comes with a few rules.  For instance, you have a limited amount of cards you can buy per game.   Usually you can still buy up to 20 or so cards at a time, but after that they want you to make another deposit if you want more per game.

You need to be leery about sites that say they will activate the bonus code or promo code after you have played a certain amount of games, hours or some standard of measure.  Normally whatever they require will be more than your initial deposit can survive on and you will have to pour even more money into your bingo account just to try and achieve the promise of the bonus code or promo code.

All in all, the sites are merely courting you for your business and with that, offering you the chance to win with their promotional or bonus code funding.  Just a sweetener to get you on board, and that can’t be all bad.   Who said nothing in life is ever free?