Online Bingo in Germany

Although Germany is a little slower on the uptake when it comes to online gambling, they are now jumping onboard the bingo train as it leaves the station of prosperity.  German people have the opportunity to play bingo on other European sites however the German government has not really been approachable for online gambling it it’s country.   According to there are no German online bingo sites per se.  At this time, the German government bans its citizens from playing on other sites that host gaming.   Difficult to enforce, gamers can still, in effect, sneak onto sites who are considered off limits. There are many sites who operate out of the jurisdiction of the German government and with pressure for the European Union to allow gaming, it wont be long until gamers play on actual German gaming sites.  However, bingo is not one of the games that is normally sought out.  For some reason, bingo just has not become popular in Germany.


The general German population will have to use other methods of depositing than credit cards as they are not allowed.   There are many e-money accounts that will allow direct deposits from bank accounts which can then be used for online gaming deposits.


Courts in Germany are slowing coming around and are at a juncture to liberate the gamer in Germany.  Certainly Bingo will be introduced and German fans will clamor like all others to get their piece of the ‘bingo pie’.  The potential for growth in the bingo industry is huge if the market can be identified or at the very least built from existing gaming enthusiasts.  Once the wave starts to flow there will be no stopping it.  People are people and bingo has been proven over decades to be a fun and popular game across the globe.  German people will just have to open up their interest level and give it a go.  Once this happens, floods of sites will penetrate the market offering German people sites who cater to them.  Not only will they be offered super sign on opportunities but they will have the ability to deposit money out of their e-accounts and obtain huge deposit incentives to play bingo.  German sites will most definitely give their German customers strictly German speaking sites so that they too will have the ability to chat amongst themselves and enjoy a dedicated bingo gaming site for their enjoyment.


For now, there are sites that cater to the German sector and they are Party Bingo, Ruby Bingo, William Hill Bingo and several others.  These sites have a dedicated German homepage specifically for their German customers.   They also have strong German support teams to help players familiarize themselves with the sites.


Ultimately Germany will have to get on board the bingo train or be left stranded at the gaming station.  As it is with the rest of the world, this is an all too lucrative business to ignore.   Slowly but surely governments from all over the world are understanding that the internet and its opportunity for gambling is here to stay.  It is up to them to figure out a way to obtain their piece of the pie while hopefully protecting their citizens from opportunistic companies.  A fine balance indeed.