A rough guide to Bingo History

Bingo is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular gambling pastimes. Such is the success of this form of gambling that there are many “bingo halls” spread up and down the country, and plenty of advertisements and commercials in magazines, newspapers and on television each and every day promoting one site or another. Now in the 21st Century, bingo has been transformed into a popular internet and mobile gambling game too, but just how did this happen and what steps were taken to take this form of gambling to where it is today?

Bingo is a chance game. It always has been. Modern bingo first came around in the late nineteen twenties as a form of lottery game involving the checking off of numbers on a marked card, divided into matrices. The objective of the original game has not differed from that of the popular game that is known and loved today. Players must complete one of three lines in order to win a cash prize. The first being dubbed a “line” involves simply checking off a line of numbers. Two lines is almost identical, although it means winners must complete two lines of numbers. The third and final prize is known as the full house which means successfully checking off every number on a players bingo card that is drawn. It is not uncommon at all for the player who wins the line or two line prizes to go on to win the full house. Players may usually purchase any number of cards they wish in order to win the game.

From this very basic card and bingo jotter format, bingo in the UK flourished and in the seventies and eighties many bingo halls were established in the country. These gradually fell into decline in the late nineteen nineties, with only the older generation of bingo players continuing to visit the bingo halls.

Shortly after the millennium however, bingo suddenly came back into fashion and the game once more drew in the crowds of younger players with the advent of online bingo. Although the concept of playing bingo online was nothing terribly new, for some reason or another the game took off, again in the United Kingdom.

Bingo sites over the last five years have multiplied exponentially and with them came the advent of something new, something that no bingo hall could seldom ever offer. With the bingo websites came bonuses.  Bingo players could now pocket welcome bonuses, free money for playing bingo, compete in a wealth of competitions and tournaments and do it all from the comfort of their own home.  The online bingo websites also did something else to the bingo community, now they reached bingo players worldwide and suddenly the possibilities seemed endless. Mass television coverage with advertisements and commercials helped the online bingo sites flourish to extent that at least in the United Kingdom, sites such as Foxy Bingo and Tombola Bingo are now household names.

The rising of the bingo phoenix from the ashes was almost complete, but there would be one final twist in the tale. Bingo has proved popular before, but it had then fallen into decline. Online bingo opened up the realm of opportunities and once it had done so, it was only natural that someone would find a way to make online bingo evolve into the next step. That step was mobile bingo.

As of this moment, mobile bingo is only just beginning to realize its potential, but the ability to play real bingo for real money from your mobile phone, iPad or other portable gaming device has proven immensely popular over the last year or so. Social networking sites have also jumped on the bingo bandwagon and have begun to operate their own versions of the popular gambling game. The history of bingo may have been a rocky ride and suffered a dip at the end of the last century, but as of now, bingo is back, it is in and the list of possibilities for this hugely popular online gambling game, are indeed endless.