Bingo Jokes

As if sitting and playing Bingo isn’t funny enough, there are people out in the world who have actually spent time thinking up jokes about Bingo.  Really.  Well, anything to achieve a laugh should be well worth the time and effort.  So, without further adieu, let’s see if these jokes can truly extract a giggle.

Let’s try a few blond bingo jokes:

Bingo night tonight is reserved for Blond Women ONLY!  Seems like it would be a really fun night for the ladies yet almost all the way through the night not one lady had screamed ‘BINGO’.  All in all, it was turning into quite the boring night for these blond beauties.  In the last game of the night B-19 was called and still nothing was heard as far as anyone winning.  The bingo caller lost his mind at this point and screamed …come on…I’ve called all 75 numbers and the machine is empty.  You mean to say that NO ONE has a bingo?  What in the world are you waiting for?  Suddenly all the ladies jumped up in unison and yelled “FREE SPACE”!!!!

Two blond beauties were playing bingo together when one of them kept leaning over and looking at her friends card and telling her to mark her numbers off.   After a bit the friend was getting tired and said, ‘why don’t you play your own card?”   The blond friend said ‘it’s full’!

Ok, enough of picking on the blonds.  Let’s find a general joke to make everyone laugh.    OK.  This is a great one to end with.

At ladies night BINGO the local club decided to put on a special show for the ladies.  So, they brought on some handsome young male dancers for their enjoyment.   A group of ladies who were really enjoying these young men decided to start tipping them.   The first lady took out a 10 pound note, gave it a lick and stuck it on his darling little butt cheek.  Another one of the group took out a 20, smiled, licked it and slapped it to his other cheek.  Now the ladies who were in a fit of laughter watched a third friend take out a 50 and stuck it on as well.  Everyone was looking at the fourth friend since she was the last one and as the handsome young man‘ strutted his stuff’ in front of her she tried to figure out what she could do as she had no cash on her.   So, using her ingenuity, she pulled out her ATM card, slid it down the crack of his butt and snatched the 80 pounds and smiled!