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Iceland Bingo – It’s Really A Very Warm Site – Believe It!

We suppose it was only a matter of time till the frozen veg people went to Dragonfish and asked them to launch a bingo website. While this might not seem like a marriage made in heaven – I mean, what do frozen peas and bingo have in common? It is not such a bad idea actually. Pundits are saying this merge has not happened before time. They also recon that Iceland Bingo will hit the spot with fans, in particular because of some rather ent-ice-ing offers!

Although much like most Dragonfish networked bin go sites, the promotions are mostly the same at the moment, we live in hope that the tie into the Iceland frozen food chain will open doors for more individual special offers. We are fortunately fully aware that until a site establishes liquidity, they might have to take promotional activity rather slowly. Liquidity basically means that the more players frequent a site, the bigger and better prizes and promotions become.

Currently Iceland Bingo is offering a warm welcome bonus, enough to melt the ice on an Eskimo’s dabber. This is a 200% cash match bonus. It means that for a deposit of only £10, the new player will have £30 to spend. Already this brand is showing their true colours too, and as extra treat, they are throwing in an Iceland voucher worth a fiver.

You won’t have to pay as much for your next frozen meal, which means you can pick up something nice, pop it in the microwave, and spend a little extra time in front of your laptop playing bingo, while dinner cooks itself. There are lots more exciting treats too, so try out the Freezer Room for some FREE BINGO – what else?

Play Here For Bingo That’s Three Times More Fun

It is great to see that more new online bingo sites are still getting into this biz; this particular site promises to be three times more fun. Not only that, it promises to provide more prizes to win, and even be three times more social. The obvious for a name then would be – Bingo 3x of course!

We all have our own reasons for playing bingo, whether it is to socialise online with people who enjoy the same games, or just be a jackpot chaser. But the one thing we all have in common is playing bingo for fun. It is a thrill a minute game, and there is always the chance of winning big money. Trying a new website such as Bingo 3x means trying something a little bit different, even though they are homed on the Dragonfish Network, this skin has gone the extra mile. There is a wee bit more on offer than the normal run-of-the mill.

After a scintillating launch, and run of new members clamouring to get signed up, the site is still giving away a 200% welcome bonus. You deposit a tenner and they will give you £20 for free. There are movie tickets to be won on a Friday night in the Flicky Friday quiz, found on the Bingo3X Facebook fan page – tickets cost only 5p. Buy tickets to play Pouch-a-Vouch for 10p and win a £20 Gift Voucher on Wednesday. Also check out the Christmas Sleigh, there is £20K in the kitty, to help with seasonal Christmas spending. If you fancy turning a fiver into £20K, this is the game to play.

Join In The Fun And Games At the Brand New Bingo Clubhouse

The growth in popularity of playing online bingo –  in particular in the UK – has not begun to wane. In fact, if anything, this game is more popularly being played than ever before. A wide demographic fan-base is propping up this popularity. Obviously online bingo operators also believe there is still benefit in getting into the biz, and although not as many new websites as in previous years are starting-up, there are still some guys getting into the game. One just such new website is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission Licensed – Bingo Clubhouse.

Folks this is not just another “Dragonfish skin”, this is something completely new and different, on a different software platform and network, so, is worth taking a look see. Bonuses, prizes, fun, free cash and rewards are the order of the day! Or so they say. Actually this is one of the most highly anticipated new online bingo sites for 2012.

Deposit a tenner today, and they will give you £20 for free. Then get a chance on the wheel of fortune, as you spin the Clubhouse Wheel to land a prize of an extra £5 to £2,500; also for free. Exclusive member benefits are the name of the game, and collecting Club Coins, means more to spend on even more Clubhouse Wheel spins. All of this packaged together means, free cash by the bucket-load, prizes and lots, lots more.

Bingo Clubhouse looks to be the place to play where you feel at home right away. They are already offering a whole host of exciting promotions, so, pull into the Clubhouse, take your free spin at the wheel, and play now for Monthly draw prizes too.

Play Just for the “Jackpot Joy of It”

The last huge advertising drive for Jackpot Joy Bingo in the UK, was actually the first advertising drive this virtual bingo site ever had that was not online. They took it to the TV and other media and introduced us to the Queen of Bingo who is no other than the well-loved UK comedienne – Barbara Windsor.  As Gamesys – the parent company – set their sights on a larger marketplace than just the UK, they also set their sights on a new advertising company, and now the new ad campaign tells us to play slots and bingo Just for the Jackpotjoy of it’. Very nice, and looks like it might be a winner for this favourite UK online brand once again.

Gamesys not only wants to grow the business and set sights on markets further away than the UK; they also need to keep cementing their position in British bingo-land. They have one of the number one brand in Jackpot Joy, but if you think about it carefully, the only other brand on the Gamesys bingo platform is Sun Bingo. So it is a very exclusive brand. We only have to compare it with the DragonFish Network, who will license just about anyone with the money to pay, on their Brigend software, and has about 70 skins coat-tailing along. This includes brands such as Sparkling, Champagne and Bingo Fabulous, which are really not bad sites in themselves, but just about every time a new site comes along, it is on the Dragonfish network, where the games and prizes are not in the same league as Gamesys, with their Sun and Jackpot Joy.

Anyway that having been said, take a look at the website you be the judge – do play just for the Jackpot You of it.

Treat Yourself To A BingoNightIn!

The whole point of playing bingo online is to have a “bingo night in”. So, finding a website named “”, could really not be any more apt. This site is also just hot off the press to with a whopping new sign-up offer, and has changed their welcome bonus to a very warm 300%. This offer applies to all new members first deposits. The bonus is worth up to £100 in the form of a cash match, so, simply make the deposit and this British bingo brand automatically credits your account. Deposit a tenner and get £30 for free!

Treating yourself to a bingo night in means not going out in the cruel, cold, dark, harsh English weather. It also means you can still chat to your friend, play bingo, slots, and mini-games, whilst painting your toe-nails, putting a colour on your hair, or wearing a face-pack. No-one needs to see what you are doing when chatting online, playing bingo.

There is tons of fun stuff to do; check out their new Christmas promotion. Yes, we know it is early to be worrying about Christmas, but if you are already worrying about where to get money to enjoy Christmas this year, then this is the place to play, they have £20K to give away. It is called the £20K Christmas Sleigh, and there is also tons of free bingo.

Refer a friend to earn a free tenner, then use this money to play in bingo games with cash prizes. This is one way to beat your own budget, when there isn’t a great deal of money to spend.  Your friends can also enjoy a bingo night in, guaranteed to be entertained.

Play Bingo – No Longer For The Blue-rinse Brigade Or The Bored

of this has changed in the UK with the advent of online bingo.

There are more than six-hundred bingo clubs which offer live games to millions of fans, some close-down, while others open anew, but that’s the name of the game in any business. What has really given bingo a new lease on life, is all the exciting and new opportunities to play a whole host of games online. Land-based clubs have picked up on these marketing trends, and are also offering a ton of new ways to play this game.

Playing from the comfort of your own home has changed the lives of many bingo fans. The weather is bad on Pudding Island, and it is not always easy nor comfortable for the elderly or infirm to go out and play their favourite game. But not only that, the emergence of bingo online has stimulated the desire for different demographics to enjoy, and join in on the fun and games.

Every theme, taste and want is catered for, for example, even Coronation Street fans. Check out ITV bingo! Also check out virtual neighbourhoods such as Game Village Bingo, and Bingo Street. These websites provide players with their very own virtual neighbourhood.  Like reality TV? Then play at Big Brother Bingo, or see if you have the X Factor in this game when playing at Mecca. There is also Britains’ Got Talent Bingo, as well as a host of tons of fun websites, with a myriad ways to play bingo. Click here to play the at the best themed PayPal Bingo sites.

Up Your Bingo By Lifting Your Spirits And Play This Game

We couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we saw a new Dragonfish site, and saw this skin was called “Up Your Bingo”. But believe it we had to, when we clicked on the site and it opened into a genuine page created by these, the B2B providers of Cassava software, a subsidiary of the huge group.

This website supports responsible gaming, is licensed and regulated under the laws of Gibraltar, which makes it White-listed in the UK (safe), and although similar to the many skins on the same network, really is so cheekily named as to make it a fun place to play. Lift your spirits with a reasonably new brand, and learn to play online bingo. One of the really nice things about Up Your Bingo is the fact that members can play free, and there is more than £6,000 in free bingo cash prizes, being given away every month.

Also, new members get lots of nice stuff for free, the most important thing being an extremely warm welcome. That is a 300% first deposit bonus, which immediately gives you 300% FREE. That is – deposit a tenner and they will give you £30 for free. There is also an extra 50% free on all future deposits…even more when there are special offers.

Check out the Christmas deal too…we know…it is rather early…but time flies when you are having fun, and with £20K in Santa’s Xmas Sack, no-one wants to miss out, no matter how early it is. Find out more about Up Your Bingo and make this the best Xmas ever, by turning a fiver into £20 000!

Casino Boom In Asia Propelled By Economic Escalation

It is not only the online gambling industry that is still booming, there is a rapid growth of the land casino industry too. This is possibly being seen more in Asia than anywhere else in the world currently, we only have to look at Macau to get a clear picture. Economic growth is rapid in this part of the world, and while there are many benefits believed to be attributed to the gambling industry, there is obviously also the question of debate over the social ills of this entertainment industry.

According to the Associated Press – a $4 billion casino will soon be rising like a Phoenix from reclaimed land on Manila Bay, Macau. Foreign investors are also breaking ground in South Korea, where a clutch of casino-type resorts are planned offshore. Even the Eastern edge of Russia is planning a casino resort area to attract Chinese high-rollers.

These are just a few examples of planned casino developments to cater for Asian tourist who have a penchant for playing gambling games. Asian gaming tourists are becoming increasingly more affluent, so, glitzy, upscale Las Vegas-style resorts are the order of the day. Most are designed in an attempt to emulate Macau which is currently the largest casino marketplace in the world. Even in Singapore – the city-state’s first casinos have raked in a ballpark figure of $6 billion a year after opening in 2010.

There are immense fortunes to be made, but not necessarily for the gambler. However, an emerging middle class now has the money to spend on leisure and entertainment activities, and gambling appears to be on the top of their bucket lists. Supercharged growth in Macau and the end to a four-decade monopoly, also sees foreign operators such as MGM, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn flocking to the former Portuguese colony.

New Social Footprint For Gala Bingo

It is not unusual for us to see famous faces adorning the pages of online bingo sites. In the past, Foxy Bingo has used Katie Price and a couple of the girls from The Only Way Is Essex to promote their fake tan and perfume products; he also has a whole list of famous friends. Gala Bingo has had Sharon Osbourne as the face of the site, as well as given us her own brand of bingo, and now we find Peter Andre supporting a brand new million pound makeover which Gala online has received. For those of you with memories that last longer than a marriage these days – you might remember that Katie and Peter actually once tied the knot.

Well, now that Peter is no longer Mr. Price, he is well recognised as a singer and Reality-TV star in his own right. He is also the new face of Gala Bingo.  Their new “Win Win Bingo” product sees Mr. Andre as the star of the “if you lose, you get your money back” campaign. And what a nice promotion this is too – even if you aren’t keen on Peter Andre.

Gala Coral is trusting that the controversial use of a male as a new social footprint, rather than female personality, might have the desired effect. They looked for someone who would appeal to the existing million-plus member, as well as attract a new steady influx of traffic. Apparently – according to the press release “no other UK bingo operation has used a male celebrity to lead their TV promotions”. But this is actually not true, 888 Ladies Bingo used Vic Reeves for a very long time. Admittedly he was dressed up as a lady, but it was still unmistakably Vic Reeves.

Anyway, for great bingo reviews and PayPal Bingo sites go here.

Bingo Isn’t For Babies, Play With New M8ts Bingo

We are not really sure what the moniker “M8ts” bingo means, (we sort of have the idea it means Mates in bingo lingo) but we do know it is one of the newest sites in the British online scene. They swear by the fact that bingo is all about sharing the fun of the game with your friends, as well as reaping the rewards of winning! Well, we can concur with that. But what we really enjoy about this brand new website, is they realise bingo isn’t for babies. So, mix a bit of adult fun while you get social, and it’s nice to know that they consider us open-minded lot too. Actually quite a few UK sites have cottoned onto the idea that bingo does not only have to be good clean fun. What’s wrong with a little sauce now and then?

OK, so M8ts is real, it’s exciting, it’s social, and if you get registered with them today, they will give you 250% bonus when making a first deposit. The website offers free games 24/7 and guaranteed jackpots, but you want to know when naughty night is we’ll bet. This takes place on a Saturday Night, so, if you fancy some slap and tickle, find it between 9 and 11 pm in where else but the Naughty Room? It features an action-packed schedule for you mischief-minded M8ts to lap up. Qualify as a member of the naughty group, and if you land a jackpot they will double your winnings.

Saturday nights in just got flirty, fun, fruity and a little bit dirty, so why not make a date to mingle and play saucy bingo? You must be a funded player to join in the fun and games. Check out the Oopsie room too, this is also a great place to play at M8ts.