£100,000 Was At Stake – One Lucky Lady Won

Sue Fox, must have thought it was her birthday when the 55 year old online bingo fan pipped more than 15,500 players to the winning post, and won the £100 000 jackpot game which takes place every year on CostaBingo.com. This best of breed British bingo brand runs the same competition at the same time every year, to celebrate their own birthday. It is true what they say about UK sites, when it’s time for a birthday, the players get all of the gifts, and what a gift this was.

Sue who is from Hook in Hampshire, was not even there to win, but her daughter plays at the same site and obviously couldn’t wait to share the good news with her mum. See what happens is, you don’t have to be there to win, tickets play automatically. Even after her daughter told her, Sue – a mother of three, and Grandmother to six – still did not believe that she had won. Eventually a Chat Host from Costa Bingo, one of UK’s best bingo sites,  had to convince her that she was the winner.

When the BIG Birthday game played – coincidentally – Sue was out celebrating the birthday of her 10 year old grandson – he wanted a cuddle and the autograph of his gran, as he reckoned that he wanted to cuddle a rich person. When the good news finally sank in, as you can probably imagine, she did not get a lot of sleep that night. Currently however, Sue is making all kinds of plans to spend this mahoosive windfall.

A new car is on top of her bucket list, but her children are also trying to get her to be sensible and not splurge out all of the money. Sue has won before on Costa Bingo, and has only been playing there for a year.