888 Ladies, that’s a whole lot of girls and whole lot of cash!

888 Ladies Bingo is the United Kingdom’s version of the popular Swedish gambling site similarly called 888.  888 Ladies is an online bingo site dedicated to bringing the best bingo on the net to the fairer of the sex.  No you’re probably not going to find many fellas playing on this site, some perhaps, but not many.  So it’s all for you girls, and it’s even one of those bingo sites that accept PayPal!

If you wish to join the ladies revolution at 888 Ladies, then you’ll be treated like a princess for doing so.  You girls can feel pampered with a 200% matched welcome bonus on offer for new players an attractive quality in this pink and white coloured site, and because it is one of these rare bingo PayPal sites, every time you reload your account funds, you’ll be given another 50% bonus!  You can even try your hand at some free bingo, with no deposit required if you choose, by picking up six free bingo cards from the site too, and what’s more, you can use them to win real money!

888 Ladies has a multitude of promotions on offer for you gals at the moment.  If you pop over today, you’re lucky to see a Joy Gem VIP club promotion, the £3,000 Easter Basket, 88 Ladies Team Bingo deals, free bingo every hour and referral bonuses!  There is also a few good cut price cards and double money events happening at the moment at 888 Ladies bingo.

This site has good solid selection of girly games for you choose from, asides from typical 75 and 90 ball bingo games.  Playing Team Bingo could see you deep in money, and speaking of money, it would be incredibly rude not to mention 888 Ladies Progressive Jackpots.  Now there is a way to make thick dough fast!  There are also table games, slot games and instant win games to be played at 888 Ladies Bingo too.
So there you go girls, if you’re looking for a secluded place without having to deal with chauvinistic or macho male gamblers, then why not flock to 888 Ladies Bingo, and makes that bingo night a ladies night?