A FIRST! Electronic Bingo Hall Opens In The UK

While it still seems to be tradition to open bingo clubs in historic or at least landmark theatres, cinemas or dance hall buildings in the UK, some things do change with the times. Now a landmark building in Coventry goes back in time to when a bingo hall was a bingo hall, but with a definite 21st Century flavour. The old Rialto might be famous with fans, and after five years of being closed, is being given a face-lift plus a new lease on life. In these times when all we seem to hear is that UK land clubs are closing down; it’s nice to be able to say that the Rialto is opening up.

Paul Hocking who is the owner has elected to ditch the old-fashioned pencil and paper method and introduce state-of-the-art, computerised bingo tablets. He reckons this will have the effect of drawing a younger crowd, and as more young people are attracted to online bingo than ever before, perhaps he is right. The bingo craze is growing and drawing more people – across the board – in terms of age.

According to the news article we read in the Coventry Telegraph – players are able to use these tablets to play a wide range of gambling games, and much like online bingo, even play fruit machines. Of course the one thing players can do that won’t happen online, is order their drinks and snacks. They will also be marking virtual bingo cards manually, but we can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be long until ‘auto-daub’ is on the cards. One hundred and ten tablets have been installed, and a £100,000 refurbishment has taken place.