Bingo Isn’t For Babies, Play With New M8ts Bingo

We are not really sure what the moniker “M8ts” bingo means, (we sort of have the idea it means Mates in bingo lingo) but we do know it is one of the newest sites in the British online scene. They swear by the fact that bingo is all about sharing the fun of the game with your friends, as well as reaping the rewards of winning! Well, we can concur with that. But what we really enjoy about this brand new website, is they realise bingo isn’t for babies. So, mix a bit of adult fun while you get social, and it’s nice to know that they consider us open-minded lot too. Actually quite a few UK sites have cottoned onto the idea that bingo does not only have to be good clean fun. What’s wrong with a little sauce now and then?

OK, so M8ts is real, it’s exciting, it’s social, and if you get registered with them today, they will give you 250% bonus when making a first deposit. The website offers free games 24/7 and guaranteed jackpots, but you want to know when naughty night is we’ll bet. This takes place on a Saturday Night, so, if you fancy some slap and tickle, find it between 9 and 11 pm in where else but the Naughty Room? It features an action-packed schedule for you mischief-minded M8ts to lap up. Qualify as a member of the naughty group, and if you land a jackpot they will double your winnings.

Saturday nights in just got flirty, fun, fruity and a little bit dirty, so why not make a date to mingle and play saucy bingo? You must be a funded player to join in the fun and games. Check out the Oopsie room too, this is also a great place to play at M8ts.