Bingo Mania is on a month long quest

Bingo Mania this week began a long and testing promotion for their players that is scheduled to last until the end of the month of June.  The best thing about this promotion is that because it has only just begun, there’s plenty of time left to join in and participate.  So what have they got up for grabs for players then?

The $10,000 Sunshine Ray Bingo Contest at Bingo Mania – one of the oldest online bingo sites on the net – is challenging their players to gather up twenty five sunshine rays from the beginning of June until the 30th of the month.  Players who manage to achieve this feat will win their share of the ten thousand dollar jackpot.

Sunshine rays can be collected in several ways by players.  For instance, spending $5 on bingo cards will pocket a player one sunshine ray, whilst spending $50 on online slots, keno or video poker games will bag them another sunshine ray.  Sunshine rays can also be collected by calling bingo at Bingo Mania in of three distinctive patterns; namely the ice cream sundae, diving board or picnic table patterns.  Each one is worth a single sunshine ray.

When the deal is broken down further, it is revealed by Bingo Mania that a player has the chance to bag a share of $7,500 (not $10,000) in cash, but will be permitted to join the free bingo room where the remaining $2,500 are waiting to be won.

This offer is primarily for American bingo players only, although there are no rules dictating that non-American players can’t participate, so to join in the fun head on over to Bingo Mania today!  The table is already hotting up so you’d better move fast if you want to stand any chance of catching the leaders and bagging your share!