Bingo site is having a ball with IG Marathon

Of all bingo sites, very few of them are having a ball this Spring, Bingo Ballroom is one of them.  Bingo Ballroom is currently running an Instant Games Marathon (IG Marathon) on its online bingo site at the moment that promises to reward to three lucky players, well teams really, for their performances.

The objective is simple enough.  Bingo Ballroom is asking you to assemble a team of four of your very best bingo friends to work together as a unit, and send the information to them.  Of course like every great team, this team will need a name and once you have come up with something snazzy and cool sounding, send that to them too along with aliases for each of the players.  If you wish to play but don’t have a team, if you send your details to Bingo Ballroom, they’ll assign you a team to play with.  Once you’re set up and good to go, Bingo Ballroom wants to you play as many instant games you can all month long!  They aren’t asking much then…

Naturally, all entries must be in by the 7th of May (or the seventh of any given month) and points will be awarded for every wager made by one of your players on an instant game.  The team finishing top of the table on points will pick up £1,500 in prize money, the second £300 and the third placed side will bag £200.  That is about it from Bingo Ballroom, another excellent promotion from one of the best bingo sites that take PayPal.