Boyle – The Biggest Balls In British Bingo

While bare bums might not be your cup of tea, especially when they are mixed with your bingo, but for members of Boyles Bingo, the brand is using this as selling point. There is also the fact that they recon they have the biggest balls in bingo.

But, why this claim to fame?

First off they adopted a ‘naked man’ theme earlier on in the year. Since then they recon they have been keeping their lady members (and who knows perhaps some men too!?) happy by providing them with a smorgasbord of nude men in their advertising campaigns. This theme is now taking up much of the space on their promotional calendar, so, we assume it is working wonders for them. We have had a look at the ad, it worked wonders for us too.

As the ‘naked man’ theme was so successful, Boyles Bingo has followed on this closely by becoming the sponsor of the new DREAM IDOLS®UK National Tour. The site is extremely proud of their new sponsorship too! The DREAM IDOLS®UK National Tour is the show that puts the ‘strip’ back into tease.

Bearing (excuse the pun) all of this in mind, Boyles have been getting massive mileage out of the fact that they have ‘the biggest balls’, and the fact that they keep supplying us with graphic pics of the glistening glutes, and more, of gorgeous boys.

That having been said; in the spirit of all this ‘naked’ fun; audience members get to participate in a risqué ‘strip bingo’ game. We have heard of strip poker, but this certainly takes the cake.  Everyone there will also receive a mystery bonus to play online bingo, and an Apple iPad3 is the prize for the naughtiest picture taken at the show. Shows start in Cardiff on the 29th June and will also take place in large city centres such as Liverpool, Leeds and London. There is a competition at the site to win free tickets for the show.