Competition Issues for Gala – Mecca Deal. For Gala Bingo Its Business As Usual!

The Mecca/Gala deal has been receiving a great deal of attention in the new; the latest is that there are competition issues, but who would not have expected this on such a huge deal. Basically Mecca is buying Gala’s live casino interest, and this will make the Mecca (Rank) group the largest casino operator in the UK. We want to reassure you at this point, if you are a die-hard Gala Bingo fan; their bingo and sports betting business will not be affected at all.

What has happened with the merger, is a bit of a setback, but not a hurdle that cannot be overcome. Now instead of Genting being the largest casino operator, Rank which is the Mecca Bingo and the Grosvenor Casino brand, will have 57 sites in the UK. This is a £205 million acquisition and a full enquiry has been called for by the Competition Commission. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is concerned that competition will be reduced at National level.  In turn Rank has offered to get rid of casinos in 7 locations, but this does not seem to be getting the response that they wanted.  The OFT is worried that this loss of competition could have potentially irreversible effects.

For all of you Gala Bingo players, check out the site online. It is still as much fun as ever it was and they will give you £30 free as a Welcome Bonus. So, you get to make your first bingo buzz last even longer. Also take advantage of their Newbie’s Room where you and play free bingo for five days after you join. Let’s get the Gala Bingo balls rolling now to play!