Dot (.) Bingo Domain Names Now On the Cards

We are all aware that most domain names end in a .com, .org, and similar. This not only helps us to identify to some extent where the website is situated (although not always), but has played a role in the control or governance of domain names. With recent changes to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations we are going to see some less familiar domain name endings, and two companies have already applied for “.bingo” domains.

This is the first round of applications to ICANN for more search engine friendly monikers. A list has been released revealing just what businesses are looking for when choosing their online domain, and we recon things are going to change quite dramatically; not only for online bingo sites.

The applications are for generic Top-Level domains or gTLD names, and the first is from Sand Cedar, LLC – a USA company, under the name of Donuts. Why they want bingo, we have no idea, but they obviously believe that a .bingo domain is going to be of good use to them. Apparently they have applied for over three-hundred new domain names, and intend to bring variety to internet gaming. As if there was not sufficient of this already?!

The second company is Famous Four Media – not a company we know much about, and we profess to know about online bingo. But they want a dot bingo domain, so, who is to stop them from making an application? They operate from London and also New York and Gibraltar. The desire for dot bingo – according to their ICAAN application – is to “express them-selves in a way never seen before on the internet”. A pretty tall order if you ask us! We can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves, or should we say – up their bingo caller’s sleeves?  Quite honestly, what this means to the world of online bingo – it is far too soon to tell!