Fed-up Footie Widow Wins Big At a Bingo Website

Imagine winning a £1,364,745.23 bingo jackpot?

Without imagination life is really boring, and dreaming of winning great riches is what many of us do when we allow ourselves to dream. One very bored woman who was tired of watching her boyfriend watch the footie, decided to play online bingo. So, she just didn’t imagine winning, she put her imagination into action.

Lisa Potter bought a ticket in it to win it, and is now celebrating her massive win. Fortunate for Terry Goodman her life-partner, she did not boot him out with the TV and the Euro 2012 championships after landing the life-changing prize. What is even more amazing about this win is; she only spent a fiver, and no-one could have been more surprised when she instantly landed the jackpot.

Terry was tuning into the football every single day, so, Lisa decided to tune into Ladbrokes online, one of UK’s best PayPal bingo sites, and tuned-out to the football while he was watching the Spain 4-0 victory over Ireland. When she saw the size of the jackpot prize, she believed it was worth a go, and after that everything became a blur. She won – started screaming; the kids came into the room, saw she had won and they started screaming, they even got the day off school the next day. She says it is like a madhouse at home! She also says that they were once a normal family, but now this will change for ever.

This is the third largest win ever on similar progressive prize games at UK online bingo websites. The game is called Clover Rollover – a slot that is exclusive to UK online bingo sites on Virtue Fusion software. The last big win was for £3.9 million! Lisa will be taking her winnings to go on a luxury holiday with her family, buy a new car and a new home.