You have a guaranteed jackpot at Foxy Bingo

Most of us haven’t heard of guaranteed free jackpot games. Well it’s a shame because people are actually missing out on a lot. This time Foxy Bingo has come back with its guaranteed jackpot games. The website has around £10K free games for its visitors. This event started from the 21st of May and they will continue till the 3rd of June. If you haven’t got your tickets for this guaranteed jackpot as yet, what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets so you can get in line for the big prize.

In order to qualify for the prize and be able to play the Foxy Bingo games, you will have to have real money worth £5 in your account. Now that really isn’t a very large amount of money and everyone can qualify for such a dame. Once it is found that you have this amount of money in your account, you will be able to get your hands on the free tickets for the game.

Every player, who has met the £5 requirement, will be given a free ticket for exactly one jackpot game. Each player will only be given one ticket to play the game. Some people might be put off by this but if you look at this closely, it’s actually fair because it gives everyone an equal chance of playing and a fairer chance of winning the grand prize. Join here!

If you haven’t joined the internet site Fox Bingo as yet, you should definitely sign up instantly. If you happen to deposit any amount of money between £10-100, the site will match you with a bonus of 200%. It isn’t too late to join just yet. You still haven’t lost the opportunity to get in on the prize just register before the 3rd of June so that you too can stand a chance of winning something excellent!