Join the tartan army for the latest weekly promotions

The only bingo website one hundred percent dedicated to the tartan army of Scottish bingo players is the aptly named Bingo Scotland.  Bingo Scotland has made some noise lately with their profitable welcome bonuses and promising promotions, but deals come and offers go.  What gamers want is something that is here to stay, and Bingo Scotland thinks they have just the ticket for you.

Each and every week at Bingo Scotland, there are three weekly promotions.  Running Monday through Sunday, each player has one chance to win on any of the deals throughout the week.

The Money Spider offers gamers the chance to win up to 50,000 BP’s throughout the week in its online bingo game.  Legs Eleven is a similar type of offer, whereby if bingo is called on the number one, twice in a week you will pick five thousand BP’s just for doing so.

The third promotion runs almost identically to the previous two.  In Hot Numbers, players who call bingo on whatever the specified hot number is that week will pick up an additional 5,000 BP’s as well as their winnings.  The weeks hot number is announced in Bingo Scotland’s weekly newsletter, so stay tuned to find out if your number is up this week.