Just In Time For Christmas – Sparkling Bingo’s £20K Xmas Sleigh

We know, we know, the summer is hardly over, and it is far too soon to even be thinking about Christmas. But the days, weeks and months pass so quickly. There is a nice early-bird special to be had for players at Sparkling Bingo, and don’t worry if you are not a member yet, simply join up to join in with the fun and games. This scintillating online bingo site, has what it takes for fun, fun, fun, and with £20K in the prize pot for this Christmas offer, it is worth it to get playing now.

The reason for the early promotion of the Xmas Sleigh, and why it has already gone live at the site, is because players have twenty opportunities to win £1K at a time. Although the actual games will only be played on December 8th and 15th (10 on each day), members have to get in with a chance to win, and they have to do that right now.

From now until December 2nd, Sparkling Bingo will also be hosting multiple passes for the Xmas Sleigh games. These multiple passes mean that fans of the game are able to participate in all twenty of the games for only a fiver a pop. So, that is twenty more chances of winning for the low, low price of £5. Buy as many multiple passes as you can between now and December the 2nd, and when the games play on the 8th and 15th you will have many more multiple chances to win. Bingo is a numbers game, and the more tickets you have in it, it’s been proven, the more chances you have to win it.

There are some super deposit bonuses on offer, also at Sparkling Bingo, so, get in, and grab your chance to win today, with a dynamic deposit bonus.