Littlewoods Bingo to be renamed and transformed

UK online bingo site Littlewood’s Bingo is scheduled to undergo a major transformation tomorrow as the 10th of May marks to official launch of Vernon’s Bingo, the new online bingo site that will be taking its place.

The first of a series of changes from Littlewoods Bingo to Vernon’s Bingo will see the domain name transformed.  Littlewoods Bingo is believed to become defunct, with users now having to travel to in order to continue their online bingo experience.  The change will not directly affect those players who already have accounts with Littlewood’s Bingo as those users will simply have their accounts transferred over to the new Vernon’s Bingo.

Another of the changes visible to customers using the online bingo site, will be the addition of Vernon’s Bingo branding throughout the pages, however it is rumoured that the software that ran the soon to depart Littlewood’s Bingo will remain to active service for the new Vernon’s Bingo site.  This is software is reported to be G2 GTech produced.

To kick off the new celebrations at Vernon’s Bingo, the online bingo site will be hosting a £10,000 give-away promotion, along with a range of prizes varying from televisions to laptops and I-Phones.  Despite the change, Littlewood’s users can feel confident of a successful era dawning for their new bingo site, with these excellent promotions and offers being launched to promote the new business.