“MUM’s” The Word At Wink Bingo

The next important event on the yearly calendar of auspicious dates is Mothers’ Day, and Mum’s the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, especially players at Wink Bingo. There is a £400 guaranteed jackpot playing on Sunday the 18th of March, which is of course, Mothers Day. We all want to spoil our Mums on this day, and a share of £400 will be able do this quite admirably. Find the game playing at 10pm for tickets costing only 4p. Pre-buy bingo tickets right now or sign up for the fun and games on the day, this website is now offering PayPal bingo.

While £400 guaranteed is a nice little prize, we like it even better when the prizes are in the thousands. Just because Spring is so special when it finally comes to the UK, Wink Bingo has something special on offer, guaranteed to put a spring in your step. The birds will be chirping, the flowers will be budding, and some very lucky Wink Bingo members will be sharing £6 000!

This game is the £6k Spring Fling and it takes place on the 26th of May. This is a Saturday night, so, there is no need to stay in, unless you really want to, pre-buy bingo tickets or find out at the site how you can play for free – simply earn Spring Fling Points to play for free. The game plays at 10pm, for a Full house prize of £3000, 2 lines of £1500 and 1 line of £1000. And in even more good news, there is a £500 prize on the cards, to be shared between 1TG players.

Play PayPal Bingo at Wink Bingo and you may get extra credits and extra bonuses. Tip: Bingo on the Fridge Freezer pattern, and earn 500 points, this will buy you one free card.

Keep playing your favourite instant games at Wink Bingo too; there are Beauty and Spa vouchers worth £500 up for grabs till the 18th March. Check out the Mothers Perfect Pamper promotion; this is also for Mothers Day!