Nevada Gaming License For William Hill – Will Fans Get Online Bingo?

Now that William Hill has secured an online gambling license for intrastate gaming in Nevada; does this mean that players in the USA will be able to play online bingo? Probably not at this stage, we believe that things will kick off with online poker first. William Hill is the biggest bookmaker in the UK, and we know for sure that they are determined to get a foothold in the US industry. Legislation is under review nationally in this country, but for the time being USA players will have to make do state-by-state.

Now that the Nevada Gaming Commission have taken a gamble on legalizing of online gambling games, this is a significant step towards relaxation of a ban that was instituted in 2006 under the auspices of UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act). William Hill has invested heavily in America in anticipation of relaxation of this law, but so far not a great deal has been said about the offering of online bingo. Will Hill has one of the best Bingo sites in the UK and are currently running a 4th of July promo.

To date they have purchased three gambling companies already situated in the state at an outlay of $53.25m – Club Cal Neva Satellite Race and Sportsbook, Brandywine Bookmaking, and American Wagering Inc. These three procurements were reliant on license applications being granted. Now that this has taken place the deals have been completed. The acquisitions took place in 2012.

Bingo is a game that is extremely popular in the USA, although players have a slightly different outlook on the game. In general in the UK, bingo is played for its entertainment value; while US and Canadian players have a jackpot chasing tendency. Online bingo got started in the USA before it became popular in Britain, but again UIGEA put a stop to its evolution. In the meantime British Bingo websites provide a far more entertaining outlook on the game than US sites ever did.