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A FIRST! Electronic Bingo Hall Opens In The UK

While it still seems to be tradition to open bingo clubs in historic or at least landmark theatres, cinemas or dance hall buildings in the UK, some things do change with the times. Now a landmark building in Coventry goes back in time to when a bingo hall was a bingo hall, but with a definite 21st Century flavour. The old Rialto might be famous with fans, and after five years of being closed, is being given a face-lift plus a new lease on life. In these times when all we seem to hear is that UK land clubs are closing down; it’s nice to be able to say that the Rialto is opening up.

Paul Hocking who is the owner has elected to ditch the old-fashioned pencil and paper method and introduce state-of-the-art, computerised bingo tablets. He reckons this will have the effect of drawing a younger crowd, and as more young people are attracted to online bingo than ever before, perhaps he is right. The bingo craze is growing and drawing more people – across the board – in terms of age.

According to the news article we read in the Coventry Telegraph – players are able to use these tablets to play a wide range of gambling games, and much like online bingo, even play fruit machines. Of course the one thing players can do that won’t happen online, is order their drinks and snacks. They will also be marking virtual bingo cards manually, but we can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be long until ‘auto-daub’ is on the cards. One hundred and ten tablets have been installed, and a £100,000 refurbishment has taken place.

Just In Time For Christmas – Sparkling Bingo’s £20K Xmas Sleigh

We know, we know, the summer is hardly over, and it is far too soon to even be thinking about Christmas. But the days, weeks and months pass so quickly. There is a nice early-bird special to be had for players at Sparkling Bingo, and don’t worry if you are not a member yet, simply join up to join in with the fun and games. This scintillating online bingo site, has what it takes for fun, fun, fun, and with £20K in the prize pot for this Christmas offer, it is worth it to get playing now.

The reason for the early promotion of the Xmas Sleigh, and why it has already gone live at the site, is because players have twenty opportunities to win £1K at a time. Although the actual games will only be played on December 8th and 15th (10 on each day), members have to get in with a chance to win, and they have to do that right now.

From now until December 2nd, Sparkling Bingo will also be hosting multiple passes for the Xmas Sleigh games. These multiple passes mean that fans of the game are able to participate in all twenty of the games for only a fiver a pop. So, that is twenty more chances of winning for the low, low price of £5. Buy as many multiple passes as you can between now and December the 2nd, and when the games play on the 8th and 15th you will have many more multiple chances to win. Bingo is a numbers game, and the more tickets you have in it, it’s been proven, the more chances you have to win it.

There are some super deposit bonuses on offer, also at Sparkling Bingo, so, get in, and grab your chance to win today, with a dynamic deposit bonus.

Rising-Stars of Online Bingo Brands Garnered by Google Insights

There is a great deal of information to be gleaned from Google insights. This fantastic product has become much more than a mere search engine. They even have a plan to change the world, as if they have not done this already. Google has their very own “Jolly Good Fellow (which nobody can deny)”, yes, that’s what his business card reads. Tan-Chade Meng is his name, and his present job description at Google is, “Enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace”. In his free time, apparently he attempts to save the world. But, I digress from bingo. However, do look up Mr. Meng and read his blog if you feel the need for a smile, or you could also always play a game of bingo or two; that could cheer you up too.

Anyway, as I was saying, Google provides insights, not only from Mr Meng, but for businesses wishing to know how interested Google users are in their products. When it comes to online bingo and the last six months; the top lot, with the most search rates and no particular order, therefore supposedly the most promise for the coming year are:

Big Brother Bingo – On the Joy of Bingo network and relatively new.

Bingo Fabulous – On Dragonfish Network, also well-established.

Robin Hood Bingo – has seen 500% growth, but this doesn’t mean much really, it is a new bingo site and even growth from one to two visitors is a 100% increase. They are on the Globalcom network, and are attracting a good deal of interest.

Sky Bingo – Powered by Virtue Fusion

Mecca Bingo – Always a popular brand and now after a re-vamp, more popular than ever before.

William Hill Winner – Bingo – Gotcha Nessie!

This is not really a bingo news story, but the winner must have said ‘bingo’ when he managed to snap a picture of what could potentially be Nessie swimming about the deep, dark, depths of Loch Ness. He is a seasoned Nessie ‘spotter’ and William Hill being the sponsor of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club copetition, has handed him a free £500 bet as well as £1000! William Hill is also going to punt on the Natural History Museum confirming the presence of Nessie by the end of the year — this bet is worth £100 with odds of 100/1.

Mr. Atkinson who captured the image is delighted to be the winner, and has been an avid Nessie spotter for quite some time. The competition was actually dormant for a while, so, he is equally delighted that it has been revived – it was initiated in 1990’ together with Will Hill. The image shows something or other, that is approximately 1.5 metres wide, down 23 metres in depth.  Three good sighting have been reported thus far, and we wonder if Mr. Atkinson will be spending his winnings at the Bingo website.

President of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, labelled the image as quite exciting. He recons that from their perspective, it provides ‘conclusive proof’. To the open-minded it certainly provides conclusive proof that something does exist.  We are quite keen to see if this competition gets bigger now that something tangible has been seen.

In the meantime, take a gander at William Hill online, if you want to take a gamble on the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, we are pretty sure they will offer you really good odds. But this brand online is not only about taking bets, they also offer online poker, PayPal bingo online, skill games, financial spread bets, Vegas and traditional casino games, from a virtual platform.

Dream Bingo – Live The Dream With A Monster Giveaway

Not only has Dream Bingo gone and got itself a total facelift, and brand new look, this UK-facing online bingo site has a brand new Monster Giveaway featuring in its promotion. If you fancy standing a chance to win a brand new car – yes CAR – join today and play!

In a Monster Giveaway, it is logical that this kind of promotion has got to offer the opportunities for winning Monster prizes. This is exactly what Dream Bingo is doing in three different 90-ball bingo rooms. There is a £5K Trolley Dash up for grabs, as well as a Luxury Cruise, but the best prize of them all has to be a brand new car. Cars are the kind of possession we have to think really hard about before we buy. They are expensive and their upkeep is also not cheap. So winning a car for simply playing bingo is a really good deal.

Win by playing cash-only games. These can be scheduled to play at any time with advance ticket purchases, in any one of the three Bingo rooms. Each game is assigned a number, and basically what this means, is the Full House must be won in this amount of calls to claim the Monster Prize. For example – the £5K Trolley Dash must be won in 34 calls or less. Each game also carries a guaranteed prize pot, so even if you don’t win the Full House, there is some consolation in cash. The Monster Giveaway games continue until all monster prizes have been given away.

Join Dream Bingo today and play tons of free bingo, also get £15 free for joining, plus 300% welcome bonus, a free fiver for liking them on Facebook, and a tenner completely free for sharing the good news with your friends.

Nova Bingo Claims To Fame The Future Of Online Bingo

Nova Bingo is a brand new site on the Dragonfish Network. Dragonfish is probably one of the largest B2B bingo networks in the UK today, and this site is making its claim to fame the fact that they are the future of the industry. Basically register as a member and you can play Free Bingo all day if you like. But if you choose to be a pay for play member, there are some super prizes on offer. Although most prizes are shared throughout the entire network, this does not mean to say they are necessarily difficult to be won.

The nice thing about Nova Bingo and in fact all Dragonfish sites, is the fact that they give away really generous welcome offers. This particular bingo network gives away a 250% First Deposit Bonus – which basically means – you deposit £10 and receive £25 for free. All this, packaged together with attention from some of the best chat hosts in the biz, re-deposit bonuses, and making new friends in the chat rooms – means you’ll love it – we hope!?

Check out these fabulous launch offers at Nova Bingo, play Free Bingo all day long between 7am and 7pm, and win real cash prizes, then take part in daily fun promotions such as Team Bingo, Happy Hours and much more. They offer a full range of side games and slots, these are great fun too, and with all of this, and much more, it is simple to see why this site is one to watch out for.  Reach for the stars and play now, online bingo has never been better!

Old Bingo Sites Can Be Winners – But New Sites Have Their Own Special Gifts

It is just over a decade since online bingo hit the big time in the UK. Now researchers tell us that it is the second most-popularly played online game in the country. Bingo lingo has come about and new sits are still being launched, although this has slowed down a little in the last year or two. Nevertheless, sites such as Nova Bingo and, Lippy Bingo, on the Dragonfish network, Scrummy Bingo on Cozy Gaming and others like iBingo, Zingo Bingo and so on are still opening up.

However, these sites sometimes struggle to keep up with well established brands; for example when we look at sites such as Jackpot Joy Bingo which has given away some fabulous prizes, and is able to give away millions of pounds on a monthly basis.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss these brand new bingo sites, even if they don’t yet have the liquidity of the big brands. There is still the fact that they are willing to give away lots of free stuff, and the fact that it is simpler to win when there is less traffic at a particular site. Look for instance at Scrummy Bingo, it promises to be delicious. It is visually a treat for the eyes, and players can claim £15 free with no deposit required.

Not only that, there is a total of 750% in deposit bonuses for the first three deposits – 200% on the first deposit, 250% on second deposits and a whopping 300% on the third deposit. Players can take their bonuses as cash or bingo bonus bucks, so, it is great for players who want to make deposits and win real cash. There are also tons of free bingo rooms and it is fun to get something for nothing.

Online Bingo Baddie Nabbed and Banished to Borstal

Bingo is believed to be a “soft” gambling game, and generally speaking it is, but every now and then we find some silly sausage who takes British Bingo to the absolute outer limits. One such bingo baddie has tarnished the name of this fabulous game, and for that the judge has sent him to Borstal. According to the Daily Mirror, many of his colleagues applauded when the bingo bandit was sent to jail for five years.

For the most part, bingo has a reputation for being generous in its capacity for a fun fund-raising activity. It is a sharing caring game, but this daft sod got addicted and stole instead of gave; taking £1.5 million from the business he worked for to fund his bad habits. Some colleagues were left broke, or close to skint; but we can’t understand is how he got away with so much money, and for such a long time.  It’s because he was in a position of trust and power as a Financial Director.

It took four years for Graham Taylor, aged 66, to drive his company close to bankruptcy for the sake of his bad bingo habits.  The money was embezzled, with a total amount of £1,553,636 purloined. Basically the company was days from receivership when Graham was caught; now he is a detainee of the Queen.

Colleagues were given shorter hours and pay cuts, while he gave himself a secret £72,000 a year pay rise. To keep the business afloat fellow directors invested their own money and worked without pay. He lost £900,000 gambling online, goodness knows when he thought he would win?

888 Ladies Bingo – Dash For Some Cash

The dash for cash has been on for a while at 888 Ladies Bingo, but now it is your last chance to get into this promotion and land at the top of the leader board. The last heat takes place from the 30th August to the 10th September. This is one for the instant games players, the site has been giving away an extra £500 every week, and £7,000 cash in total has been the size of the prize! Simply wager £10 on any instant game, and bag yourself 1 dash point.

This is a Joy of Bingo promotion, so, points can be accumulated across all Joy of Bingo websites – that is – 888ladies, Wink, Posh, Tasty, Red Bus, Bingo Street and Big Brother Bingo. Remember, remember, it all ends on the 10th of September! And remember that as part of Dragonfish network all these are on the main list of bingo sites that accept PayPal as a main payment option.

For the really big bucks, 888 Ladies has got what it takes, and besides their 15th Birthday promotion where £8888 is being given away, there is also £10K up for grabs in the superb Summer Pot…this game is hot, hot, hot.  Members of any and all Joy sites can participate, and earn points to grab free bingo cards for the game.  Again this means members of 888 Ladies, and all the sites we named above. There are five sizzling lines of summer cash to be won for free as follows:

  • 5 lines: £5,000
  • 4 lines: £2,500
  • 3 lines: £1,250
  • 2 lines: £750
  • 1 line: £500

A little about this game – there is £100 000 to be won across these sites for free. Every few months they dip into the pot; this particular games plays on 30th September at 10pm, at Big Brother Bingo. Check out how to win and get in right now.

Foxy Bingo Joins Forces With Fake Tan Product

We have to give fair due where it is deserved and we will give the owners of Foxy Bingo their due, when it comes to partnering with celebrities, they certainly know their business. Back in the day when we first started writing for this bingo website, the flavour of the moment was Katie Price, now there is even a section at the site called ‘Foxy’s Famous Friends’. The latest endeavour sees what the Daily Mail is calling the “most bizarre celebrity promo ever”. Whatever this newspaper calls it, it’s certainly engendering a good deal of attention, and that’s what publicity is all about, so, it is certainly doing its job.

Getting down to brass tacks, Foxy is not endorsing a bingo product, but he is endorsing fake tan, and if you think that’s too weird to be wonderful, he is doing this in good company with the beautiful body of Towie’s Lucy Mecklenburgh.

The launch took place only recently and sees everyone’s favourite Fox sporting beach gear where Lucy wears nothing more than a white bikini, and of course, presumably the fake tan. This collaboration features some really hot shots of Lucy with another ‘Fur’ product; remember the fragrance – Furever. This was endorsed by Lauren Goodger, also of Towie fame?

Lucy shows off her enviable figure while she warms up to the furry Foxy, and the moral of this story we suppose, is, that members get much more than bingo when they join up to play with the Fox. If you are tempted to join up at this bingo site, they will give you £20 free, plus the chance to win £25K in Foxy’s vacation game. Who knows if you win, perhaps they will give you a Fur Real fake tan for free?!