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Nevada Gaming License For William Hill – Will Fans Get Online Bingo?

Now that William Hill has secured an online gambling license for intrastate gaming in Nevada; does this mean that players in the USA will be able to play online bingo? Probably not at this stage, we believe that things will kick off with online poker first. William Hill is the biggest bookmaker in the UK, and we know for sure that they are determined to get a foothold in the US industry. Legislation is under review nationally in this country, but for the time being USA players will have to make do state-by-state.

Now that the Nevada Gaming Commission have taken a gamble on legalizing of online gambling games, this is a significant step towards relaxation of a ban that was instituted in 2006 under the auspices of UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act). William Hill has invested heavily in America in anticipation of relaxation of this law, but so far not a great deal has been said about the offering of online bingo. Will Hill has one of the best Bingo sites in the UK and are currently running a 4th of July promo.

To date they have purchased three gambling companies already situated in the state at an outlay of $53.25m – Club Cal Neva Satellite Race and Sportsbook, Brandywine Bookmaking, and American Wagering Inc. These three procurements were reliant on license applications being granted. Now that this has taken place the deals have been completed. The acquisitions took place in 2012.

Bingo is a game that is extremely popular in the USA, although players have a slightly different outlook on the game. In general in the UK, bingo is played for its entertainment value; while US and Canadian players have a jackpot chasing tendency. Online bingo got started in the USA before it became popular in Britain, but again UIGEA put a stop to its evolution. In the meantime British Bingo websites provide a far more entertaining outlook on the game than US sites ever did.

Primetime TV Hot-spots For Spin and Win Bingo

The launch of the new Spin and Win bingo site took place in the middle of June. This is another UK-facing website; they are White-listed, and this means that the operating company may advertise in the UK. They are wasting no time getting their ad campaign off the ground and literally two weeks after the launch of the site, ads are going live on TV.

According to the press release, this is an exciting time for British bingo fans, and bingo rooms at the site have already proven to have far-reaching appeal. They have successfully established a player base, so, once the adverts are aired, the response from new players is expected to be spectacular. Why not check them out and see if this new concept has anything to offer you.

It is a city-slick advertisement, in keeping with the theme of the site, depicting young people having fun in a convertible, fireworks, bingo and tons of excitement. There does not seem to be anything about it that might be a problem for the ASA. Well at least, let’s hope not!

Check the ads out on terrestrial television channels – Sky, Channel 4, ITV and Five throughout both the day and night. Chances are that if you watch any of these channels the ads will pop up at some time or other. Another option is reading reviews at online bingo portals and learning more through players’ reviews, comments and the experience of others, for example here.

We have had a look at Spin and Win Bingo, and admit we were impressed, it does provide a fresh look at this light gambling genre. Everyone is a winner as they donate 10% of all profits to various children’s charities. They are however networked on the Dragonfish brand, and this means that promotions are shared throughout all networked sites. The only downside to this is that there are already 70 or more of these sites already operating in the UK. This means the competition to win is tough, but games are both free and cheap, so, what have you got to lose.

Fed-up Footie Widow Wins Big At a Bingo Website

Imagine winning a £1,364,745.23 bingo jackpot?

Without imagination life is really boring, and dreaming of winning great riches is what many of us do when we allow ourselves to dream. One very bored woman who was tired of watching her boyfriend watch the footie, decided to play online bingo. So, she just didn’t imagine winning, she put her imagination into action.

Lisa Potter bought a ticket in it to win it, and is now celebrating her massive win. Fortunate for Terry Goodman her life-partner, she did not boot him out with the TV and the Euro 2012 championships after landing the life-changing prize. What is even more amazing about this win is; she only spent a fiver, and no-one could have been more surprised when she instantly landed the jackpot.

Terry was tuning into the football every single day, so, Lisa decided to tune into Ladbrokes online, one of UK’s best PayPal bingo sites, and tuned-out to the football while he was watching the Spain 4-0 victory over Ireland. When she saw the size of the jackpot prize, she believed it was worth a go, and after that everything became a blur. She won – started screaming; the kids came into the room, saw she had won and they started screaming, they even got the day off school the next day. She says it is like a madhouse at home! She also says that they were once a normal family, but now this will change for ever.

This is the third largest win ever on similar progressive prize games at UK online bingo websites. The game is called Clover Rollover – a slot that is exclusive to UK online bingo sites on Virtue Fusion software. The last big win was for £3.9 million! Lisa will be taking her winnings to go on a luxury holiday with her family, buy a new car and a new home.

Play Free Bingo Today and Play, and Play, and Play

Playing bingo today is just as much fun as this game has ever been. It is no longer only played in hallowed halls of old-time-dance halls, theatres and cinemas that have been converted for this purpose. Today bingo clubs are being purpose-built, but these are few and far between. What is also being built however, are websites that operate as online bingo clubs.

This industry – in particular in the UK –  took off like a bat out of hell way back in the early days of the internet. As technology has advanced the online bingo industry has advanced in pace. Today it is considered trendy to play, with all age-groups; from 18 to 80; indulging in the game. Even the elderly have learned how to use computers, simply in order to play bingo online. Most do it for fun, but there are some real jackpot chasers out there, and man ‘o man, are there ever some jackpots to be won!

For players who don’t take the game so seriously; do it for entertainment and not necessarily with the aim to win, free bingo is another brilliant innovation that has evolved as the online version of bingo has developed. It is really easy to sign up for free, and the best thing about playing for free is that fans of the game win real money for free too. This is a great way to build up a bingo bankroll, to play ‘pay-for-play’ games.

Any British bingo site that does not offer free bingo today won’t get away with being a bingo website for very long. This industry now caters to the most sophisticated audience of its kind in the world, so the Brits have got it right with this game once again. The industry is on top of the world, as too are many millions of winners.

Let’s face facts, if you play for free and win, then this makes you a winner too.

No Four-leafed Clover, But Third-time-lucky For Jackpotjoy Bingo Player

Isn’t it funny how people say that bad luck always comes in threes; it’s seldom we hear people say that good luck also comes in threes. One lucky JackpotJoy Bingo slots player has now proven for us that good luck also comes in threes.

Carolyn C is the third-time-lucky member of this great British site after she won big the Diamond Bonanza slot. This is one of the most popularly played slots games at the site – understandably so – it is also one of the big payers, with a well-earned reputation for creating winners. Carolyn said that the thrill of winning at JackpotJoy never diminishes with time, no-matter how often you win. She had two big wins back in 2008, and even though it has been a while since she landed a big prize, she maintains she has never stopped trying. Her last most recent win netted her a pretty impressive £23,791. She says she has no idea how she does it, but is really happy that she does!

While you are checking out JackpotJoy, don’t miss out on giving this game a spin or two. It features three huge progressive jackpot prizes, and three coins sizes – 25p, 50p and £1 – so, is also simple to play, as well as a ton of fun.

Gamesys which powers JackpotJoy, and is almost completely exclusive to this site, is without doubt one of the best of breed British bingo site. The games are exclusive too, and because promotions and prizes are not networked as they are at many other websites, they tend to be really good too. As a leading UK online bingo destination they give away £4 million of prize money daily, and as Carolyn C can attest; players may win as many times as they like – just as long as the luck is with them.

Boyle – The Biggest Balls In British Bingo

While bare bums might not be your cup of tea, especially when they are mixed with your bingo, but for members of Boyles Bingo, the brand is using this as selling point. There is also the fact that they recon they have the biggest balls in bingo.

But, why this claim to fame?

First off they adopted a ‘naked man’ theme earlier on in the year. Since then they recon they have been keeping their lady members (and who knows perhaps some men too!?) happy by providing them with a smorgasbord of nude men in their advertising campaigns. This theme is now taking up much of the space on their promotional calendar, so, we assume it is working wonders for them. We have had a look at the ad, it worked wonders for us too.

As the ‘naked man’ theme was so successful, Boyles Bingo has followed on this closely by becoming the sponsor of the new DREAM IDOLS®UK National Tour. The site is extremely proud of their new sponsorship too! The DREAM IDOLS®UK National Tour is the show that puts the ‘strip’ back into tease.

Bearing (excuse the pun) all of this in mind, Boyles have been getting massive mileage out of the fact that they have ‘the biggest balls’, and the fact that they keep supplying us with graphic pics of the glistening glutes, and more, of gorgeous boys.

That having been said; in the spirit of all this ‘naked’ fun; audience members get to participate in a risqué ‘strip bingo’ game. We have heard of strip poker, but this certainly takes the cake.  Everyone there will also receive a mystery bonus to play online bingo, and an Apple iPad3 is the prize for the naughtiest picture taken at the show. Shows start in Cardiff on the 29th June and will also take place in large city centres such as Liverpool, Leeds and London. There is a competition at the site to win free tickets for the show.

Ukash Bingo – Try Out a New Way To Play

At one time – in fact for a very long time – people who did not use or own credit cards were excluded from playing online bingo. This was the only way they could possibly pay to play. Then came along the ability to pay with a debit card, and after that all kinds of online payment methods seemed to spring up out of the woodwork. The only problem was, that this still excluded people who did not trust or did not want to use any kind of online payment method.

Ukash saw this gap in the market and came up with a brilliant way for players to enjoy online bingo online, even if they were adamant about saving all their cash, and keeping it safe underneath Granny’s mattress. UKash – not unlike a pre-paid mobile phone voucher – basically works in the same way.

It is a completely unique ‘ready-to-spend PIN code that allows the online bin go player to upload funds into their bingo account. When the initial voucher is finished, the user has to run to the shops for another, so, it is also a great way to budget for bingo. No banking details or any other information is shared online, so, no baddies will be able to guess that Ukash users keep all their money stashed under the mattress.

Even 888 Ladies bingo has been encouraging their members to spend Ukash online and recently hosted a promotion to give away £5 000 of these vouchers (still available till the last day of June). The vouchers are available at thousands of outlets nationwide, and there is a brilliant online Ukash locator available online. This will help you to find out where your nearest outlet happens to be. If you happen to fancy shopping for other items online, as well as bingo, this payment method is the perfect and safe alternative.

Mecca Bingo Team Player Runs For Charity

Anyone who knows anything about British online and traditional bingo, knows that Mecca Bingo is one of the biggest names in the book. They might also know that Marie Curie Cancer Care is the charity this brand has been supporting for the past couple of years. True to the intrinsic nature of bingo itself, charitable concerns are big in the game plan.

We have seen members of this brands’ staff throw themselves out of perfectly good aeroplanes in the pursuit of charitable funds. We have seen them climb mountains, walk, run, lose weight and all kinds of weird and wonderful ways have been used to raise funds. Online they even have a charity week for the first seven days of every month!

Now a Mecca Rochdale team member has started training for the Great North Run which takes place in September. Tom Scott will be taking to the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Sunday the 16th September, 2012, to complete the 13.1 mile-long road-race. Actually 41 of these Bingo Clubs across the UK will be taking part in the run, and between them hope to raise £50,000 for the charity.

While we are chatting about Mecca Bingo – check them out online – there is another new game. Plenty of games at the site have been themed on TV reality shows; they exclusively hosts “Britains’ Got Talent Bingo” and now they have got the X Factor too. Not only because of the huge participation in the Great North Run, but because a brand new game of X Factor bingo has been recently launched at the site. It offers more chances to win, as well as an X Factor Feature Prize. So, if you think you have the X Factor, this should be the next game you play. Choose the winning category; win a share of the feature prize, and also qualify for a free scratchcard at the end of the game.

Techno Shoppers Including Bingo Fans Keen To Use Mobile PayPal Wallet

Online bingo players are just as much techno shoppers as fans of Jimmy Choos who purchase their shoes online. They are also regular users of PayPal as a payment method, so, just as you might visit eBay to spend your PayPal bucks, lovers of bingo use theirs to play games at online bingo sites. Now a consulting group has found that banks could be at risk of losing out to an emerging marketplace as 8 in 10 consumers would use PayPal as their mobile wallet provider.

While 6 in 10 users would make use of Google and the same would make use of Apple; 8 in 10 is a lot to lose out to PayPal if banks don’t sharpen their act up soon. Potential mobile banking consumers have also expressed a strong interest in using a variety of alternative services on their phones.

We also happen to know that mobile gambling services are currently experiencing a massive upsurge in growth, and pundits are saying this will be the next big phase of growth. All the online bingo sites that are worth their salt are offering mobile gaming, as are casinos, sports betting sites and even some poker websites. Although this game in its online version is sometimes difficult to multi-table on a mobile phone, new software is overcoming this factor more and more.

Mobile bingo players and other techno shoppers are also seeking out services such as loyalty programmes, real-time incentives earnings and search and shop.  PayPal needs to get going with something to offer if they are not to miss out on this brand new marketplace with the potential for massive growth. They need to remember that even though 8 in 10 would use a mobile PayPal wallet, 5 in 10 of these consumers would choose it over their primary bank, and this is really saying something to and about the banking houses of today.

UK Online Bingo Players Make Time to Have Fun In The Sun

While it I great to stay warm indoors, playing online bingo when the weather outside is wintery, cold, blustery or wet; the summertime is also a great time to play. The reason for this being is that bingo promotions are even better as sites attempt to entice players to stay inside and play, rather than go outside and soak up the sun. However, the other great thing about playing online today is that nowadays we can also play mobile bingo. So, we get to soak up the sun and play bingo at the same time; and if we are really lucky, win prizes of summer holidays, vouchers, clothing and all kinds of summery stuff.

Some of the best websites to look out for summer holiday prizes, are Foxy, Sun, Wink, City, Costa and of course various others.

That all having been said, one of the biggest online bingo portals in the UK is saying that the game is suffering in relationship to the good weather. A report has found that there is a “definitive correlation” between temperatures in the UK and the amount of online bingo being played. As temperatures rise, the number of players drops, and by the same token, when temperatures drop, then player numbers increase. For example; on the warmest recorded day so far of 27th May – the lowest bingo player activity was also recorded. Temperatures were 28 – 30 degrees in Britain. In comparison on the 4th May, almost double the amount of bingo players were online, and temperatures were 9.6 degrees.

We say; don’t take the sun for granted, by all means get out and have fun, but play on your mobile phone because who doesn’t want to win free holidays, cash and all sorts of brilliant prizes. Besides that, the less people playing, the easier it is to win. And remember, you can pay for online bingo at all the best sites, now using your PayPal account.