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Moon Bingo is latest bingo to take PayPal

Moon Bingo takes PayPal

It is only in the this past year or so that many of more popular online bingo sites have finally begun to accept deposits from users who wish to pay via the world famous Pay Pal method. Although a number of high profile online bingo sites are yet to accept Pay Pal as a preferred payment method, Moon Bingo recently joined the list of bingo sites that accept Pay Pal.


Pay Pal is the foremost popular way to complete your payment transactions online and so it has come somewhat of a surprise that until a few years ago, almost none of the online bingo sites incorporated it into the payment methods list.  Pay Pal is also one of the most secure methods with which to handle your finances online. When a player chooses to use Pay Pal to make a deposit into their favored online bingo site, they avoid the necessity and on occasions, possible danger of having to send in their credit card details to the site. Whilst there have not been too many breaches in security involving online gambling of late, Pay Pal essentially means players choosing to do their banking via this method, avoid the possibility of being a victim of credit card or identity fraud altogether.


Pay Pal’s recent addition to the accepted payments list over at Moon Bingo has caused welcome relief to many gamers using this highly popular online bingo site. It is thought that with Pay Pal, players will be less reluctant to deposit larger sums of money over to their online bingo accounts for fear of having their details hijacked.


Moon Bingo joins a long list of UK PayPal bingo sites that includes the sportsbook run bingo sites Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power Bingo and also other big name bingo sites such as Costa Bingo, Gossip Bingo, Dream Bingo, Wiggle Bingo, Bingo Street and Red Bus Bingo.

PayPal Bingo and Now PayPal Retail App for the UK

Not even two years ago PayPal was punted as not being an appropriate payment method for bingo online; despite the fact that this method was used by millions of British (and other) shoppers to pay for all types of other goods online. Online bingo sites soon saw that there was a gap in the market; they were losing a good deal of customers, and now virtually every good UK online bingo site offers PayPal as an option. Now PayPal mobile apps are becoming popular payment options too.

The ladies (and gents) who love mobile and online bingo, now have the opportunity to pay for their favourite services, by means of their favourite payment option. This gap in the market place has been spotted by retail shops too, and PayPal users are going ga-ga over the new UK high Street in-Store app.

When we talk about an in-Store app, we mean actually in the store – physically. So, effectively the shopper goes into a clothing store which now allows shoppers to make purchases , using their mobile phones. Some of the retail stores to get this off the ground first include; Aurora, Oasis, Warehouse, Coast and Karen Millen.

The app has been released for iPhone, iPad and Android, and was made available for download this week. Just as millions of online bingo fans have found PayPal to be the best online payment option; experts believe that shoppers will now do the same live.  Let’s face facts, if a bingo winner has funds in their PayPal account and they want to spend it on something that catches their eye in the High Street today, they want to spend it right now; instead of waiting days for funds to be transferred into bank accounts. Now they can! The PayPal rollout to large chain stores is bound to soon follow suit. Bingo- Paypal wins again!

Dot (.) Bingo Domain Names Now On the Cards

We are all aware that most domain names end in a .com, .org, and similar. This not only helps us to identify to some extent where the website is situated (although not always), but has played a role in the control or governance of domain names. With recent changes to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations we are going to see some less familiar domain name endings, and two companies have already applied for “.bingo” domains.

This is the first round of applications to ICANN for more search engine friendly monikers. A list has been released revealing just what businesses are looking for when choosing their online domain, and we recon things are going to change quite dramatically; not only for online bingo sites.

The applications are for generic Top-Level domains or gTLD names, and the first is from Sand Cedar, LLC – a USA company, under the name of Donuts. Why they want bingo, we have no idea, but they obviously believe that a .bingo domain is going to be of good use to them. Apparently they have applied for over three-hundred new domain names, and intend to bring variety to internet gaming. As if there was not sufficient of this already?!

The second company is Famous Four Media – not a company we know much about, and we profess to know about online bingo. But they want a dot bingo domain, so, who is to stop them from making an application? They operate from London and also New York and Gibraltar. The desire for dot bingo – according to their ICAAN application – is to “express them-selves in a way never seen before on the internet”. A pretty tall order if you ask us! We can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves, or should we say – up their bingo caller’s sleeves?  Quite honestly, what this means to the world of online bingo – it is far too soon to tell!

Play Bingo And Bag Free Lottery Lines

Experts of the game, often liken playing bingo to playing the lottery, and as we know, the Euromillions is one of the richest lotteries internationally. But did you know that in fact bingo is thought to have started as a lottery game? Basically anyone who enjoys playing random number games such as lotteries, generally enjoys playing bingo.

Free lottery lines are tied in as special promotions at a couple of online bingo sites; for example Bet 365 Bingo gave away free EuroMillions syndicated lottery lines for promotional purposes, for quite some time. Rollover Bingo still gives away free syndicated lines in the UK National Lottery. Playing this way means that active online bingo lovers get the best of both worlds, as well as great value for money. What we are actually saying is; look out for deals such as these – what have you got to lose – it only takes one line to win?!

Recent big lottery winners include Colin and Chris Weir from Largs, North Ayrshire, who celebrated a mahoosive win last July – £161 million! A recent UK winner of the EuroMillions has also just recently bagged a £63.8 million share of last week’s EuroMillions jackpot, so, someone is a new instant multi-millionaire. There was a winner in 2010 who did not go public, but the size of the prize has to be advertised, and this ticket-holder banked a mind-blowing £113,019,926; while Dave Dawes and his wife Angela, from Wisbech, claimed £101,203,600 in October 2011.

It is true what they say “If you don’t have a ticket in it, you can’t win it!” But what is so exciting about playing online bingo is that some sites give away lottery tickets too. At least this offers a chance to win by having a ticket in it, and these players can win at bingo too. It’s a win-win situation!

William Hill Winner – Bingo – Gotcha Nessie!

This is not really a bingo news story, but the winner must have said ‘bingo’ when he managed to snap a picture of what could potentially be Nessie swimming about the deep, dark, depths of Loch Ness. He is a seasoned Nessie ‘spotter’ and William Hill being the sponsor of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club copetition, has handed him a free £500 bet as well as £1000! William Hill is also going to punt on the Natural History Museum confirming the presence of Nessie by the end of the year — this bet is worth £100 with odds of 100/1.

Mr. Atkinson who captured the image is delighted to be the winner, and has been an avid Nessie spotter for quite some time. The competition was actually dormant for a while, so, he is equally delighted that it has been revived – it was initiated in 1990’ together with Will Hill. The image shows something or other, that is approximately 1.5 metres wide, down 23 metres in depth.  Three good sighting have been reported thus far, and we wonder if Mr. Atkinson will be spending his winnings at the Bingo website.

President of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, labelled the image as quite exciting. He recons that from their perspective, it provides ‘conclusive proof’. To the open-minded it certainly provides conclusive proof that something does exist.  We are quite keen to see if this competition gets bigger now that something tangible has been seen.

In the meantime, take a gander at William Hill online, if you want to take a gamble on the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, we are pretty sure they will offer you really good odds. But this brand online is not only about taking bets, they also offer online poker, online bingo, skill games, financial spread bets, Vegas and traditional casino games, from a virtual platform.

It’s as easy as one, two, three to win summer bingo cash!

123 Bingo have announced that their very own Bertha is offering stacks of summer cash for lucky online bingo players throughout June.  In fact, Bertha is splashing so much cash at 123 online bingo that they have guaranteed jackpots each and every day  to be won.

It isn’t very often that you can come across a bingo site aimed at American players, but 123 Bingo is just that.  But don’t fret if you’re not from across the pond, as European players are welcome also at 123 online bingo, and just as well really because those players will also be jumping to grab a fistful of Bertha’s summer cash games.

For a meagre twenty five cents per card in 123 Bingo’s Green Room up to $250 of guaranteed jackpots will be on offer each and every day at the online bingo site.  The games are of course set to EST (Eastern Standard Time) but to emphasise how much 123 Bingo really wants those European customers involved, they’ve lovingly added a small section that details when you can join in the fun too.  As if you couldn’t figure it out right?

There are plenty more hot promotions coming from 123 online bingo in the coming weeks as summer hots up at the online bingo site, so stay tuned and stick around.  Free cash is plentiful at 123 Bingo.  Current ongoing promotions there include the Bingo Bounty, Casino Vault, Raffles, Bingo Basket and a range of deposit specials aimed at those new players who desperately need an additional reason and a second dose of free moolah to get them into the 123 Bingo party mood.

Bingo Mania is on a month long quest

Bingo Mania this week began a long and testing promotion for their players that is scheduled to last until the end of the month of June.  The best thing about this promotion is that because it has only just begun, there’s plenty of time left to join in and participate.  So what have they got up for grabs for players then?

The $10,000 Sunshine Ray Bingo Contest at Bingo Mania – one of the oldest online bingo sites on the net – is challenging their players to gather up twenty five sunshine rays from the beginning of June until the 30th of the month.  Players who manage to achieve this feat will win their share of the ten thousand dollar jackpot.

Sunshine rays can be collected in several ways by players.  For instance, spending $5 on bingo cards will pocket a player one sunshine ray, whilst spending $50 on online slots, keno or video poker games will bag them another sunshine ray.  Sunshine rays can also be collected by calling bingo at Bingo Mania in of three distinctive patterns; namely the ice cream sundae, diving board or picnic table patterns.  Each one is worth a single sunshine ray.

When the deal is broken down further, it is revealed by Bingo Mania that a player has the chance to bag a share of $7,500 (not $10,000) in cash, but will be permitted to join the free bingo room where the remaining $2,500 are waiting to be won.

This offer is primarily for American bingo players only, although there are no rules dictating that non-American players can’t participate, so to join in the fun head on over to Bingo Mania today!  The table is already hotting up so you’d better move fast if you want to stand any chance of catching the leaders and bagging your share!

Virgin still has over one and a half million pounds to give away!

Ever since last month, Virgin has been keeping good on its promise to shell out £2,200,000 in fabulous weekly bingo games, and for a brief second it may seem as though you have joined the party a little late.  But rest assured, you haven’t.

Virgin Bingo has still got £1,600,000 to give away each week in this amazing Slota Money promotion, and you’ve got until the 25th of June to pick up your share of the winnings.  The next upcoming events are scheduled to begin on the eleventh, fifteenth, eighteenth and twenty fifth of June, and have whopping prizes to be won.  The competitions last no more than a few days each with the on starting on the 11th destined to be all over by 14th.  The top prize for the eleventh of June Jungle Madness game is £15,000 out of a £350,000 pot, with 5,835 alternative prizes to be one too.  Of course the big finale on the 25th June will see a prize pot of half a million pounds on offer, with the lucky winner pocketing £25,000 of that, and remainder shared among 7,647 players.  But how does this all work?

Well it is quite simple really.  For every £10 you spend with a PayPal deposit or any other payment method on the chosen slot of the week, you will receive one free entry into the prize draw.  Naturally the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.  As mentioned, the upcoming draw is on the 11th of June and you’ll need to wager a tenner or more on Jungle Madness in order to merit an invitation.  The following weeks will see Pet Luck, George The Dragon and Big Top Tombola as the chosen games for the Slota Money promotion, as in the final few days the tournaments prize pools get progressively richer!

Maria has a new limited time only welcome bonus

Maria Bingo, the sleek and sexy looking online bingo site has an online bonus that every first time online bingo player should most certainly take advantage of whilst they can.  New gamers who decide to sign up at Maria Bingo will currently pocket a £5 free play bonus, as well as forty free bingo tickets for some super massive jackpots all for depositing and spending five pounds or more in their new favourite online bingo site.

The most interesting part of this new limited time only welcome bonus is the free forty bingo tickets.  Twenty of those free bingo tickets are to be used exclusively for the Super Thursday bingo jackpots game, which comes to a sumptuous £500 jackpot at 20.00 GMT.

The second twenty tickets are to be used only for Friday’s JP 60 bingo game which kicks off at 20.30 and has a total jackpot size of two hundred pounds.  Success in either of these two pleasing jackpots would make you a very happy camper, but success in both would just be so overwhelming.  With a potential seven hundred pounds in your pocket, can you really afford to miss out on this deal?

What any online bingo player should know about receiving free tickets to bingo games as an alternative to cash is that it is essentially the same thing.  Any bonuses you would normally receive would go to bingo tickets anyway, but you couldn’t buy as many tickets to jackpot games of this magnitude with a paltry ten pounds.  Instead Maria Bingo is giving you the chance to not only win your welcome bonus, but also a little something extra!  An opportunity that surely can’t be missed.  If you’re quick that is; offers like this don’t stick around forever!

Red Bus heads the Queen’s Parade

Red Bus Bingo is all set for a remarkable party on the 16th of June in order to celebrate The Queen’s official birthday.  The quintessentially British online bingo site is offering up to £2,000 for the festive occasion and there are two ways you can bag your tickets to this most regal event.

Tickets for this mammoth and grandiose bingo game in The Queen’s honour can either be bought for £1 per card, or can be won by accumulating enough Red Bus Bingo points as you play.  A total of five hundred Red Bus Bingo points will award you a free ticket into the £2,000 Red Bus Queen’s Parade promotion which is due to kick off at 9pm GMT on Saturday the 16th of June.

There are several ways players can accumulate points over the coming week in order to bag a free ticket or two to this massive ball game.  Emailing Red Bus Bingo and telling them a story about how you wish to spend your birthday were you The Queen will net you 250 points right there and then.  If you manage to call bingo using the Crown Pattern in one of your bingo games, you’ll net ten free points, whilst you can pick up five more for every £1 wagered on bingo games at Red Bus Bingo.  An additional two points are available for every £20 you spend on instant win games too.

As for the prizes in the main competition?  First place is £800 worth of high street vouchers and £300 cash for calling a full house in Red Bus Bingo £2,000 Queen’s Parade game, whilst two lines will see you square away £400 of high street vouchers and £200 in cash.  A single line in the bingo bonanza game is worth £200 of high street vouchers and £100 in cash too!