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You have a guaranteed jackpot at Foxy Bingo

Most of us haven’t heard of guaranteed free jackpot games. Well it’s a shame because people are actually missing out on a lot. This time Foxy Bingo has come back with its guaranteed jackpot games. The website has around £10K free games for its visitors. This event started from the 21st of May and they will continue till the 3rd of June. If you haven’t got your tickets for this guaranteed jackpot as yet, what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets so you can get in line for the big prize.

In order to qualify for the prize and be able to play the Foxy Bingo games, you will have to have real money worth £5 in your account. Now that really isn’t a very large amount of money and everyone can qualify for such a dame. Once it is found that you have this amount of money in your account, you will be able to get your hands on the free tickets for the game.

Every player, who has met the £5 requirement, will be given a free ticket for exactly one jackpot game. Each player will only be given one ticket to play the game. Some people might be put off by this but if you look at this closely, it’s actually fair because it gives everyone an equal chance of playing and a fairer chance of winning the grand prize. Join here!

If you haven’t joined the internet site Fox Bingo as yet, you should definitely sign up instantly. If you happen to deposit any amount of money between £10-100, the site will match you with a bonus of 200%. It isn’t too late to join just yet. You still haven’t lost the opportunity to get in on the prize just register before the 3rd of June so that you too can stand a chance of winning something excellent!

Get your hands on Tiffany jewelry just by playing at Fabulous Bingo!

If you’re a big fan of jewelry, we recommend you start playing at fabulous bingo to get your hands on some of the latest designer diamonds they’re giving away.  Spending a few weeks on the online site as of now, could put you in the running to win some of the breathtaking diamonds they have in store. Rumor has it that it’s Tiffany jewelry that they’re giving away. Hopefully, it’s a good boost for most people to start playing on the site.

Fabulous bingo, over the next two weeks will be having two prize draws. The only thing that you will have to do is get your name registered for the game of your choice. For every £10 you will be awarded one entry. What we’re basically trying to tell you is that the more you participate, the more you stand a chance of winning some of the finest jewelry in the world.

The first draw ends tomorrow at midnight, so in order to qualify; you need to register before that. The winners of the Tiffany jewelry will be announced live in the chat rooms on Monday at 8pm. The winners will each be rewarded with a Tiffany diamond necklace.

This promotion will start one again after the Monday draw and will go on till the 3rd of June. The entries for the draw are going to be earned in the same way as mentioned before. The next round of winners will be announced on 4th June, the next Monday. Just like before this draw will also have five names picked out and random and will be rewarded with something different this time; tiffany diamond bracelets!

So what are you waiting for? This is a once in a life time opportunity to get such great jewelry just by playing a game. Stuff like this doesn’t come by so often!

Bruce Springsteen tickets on the give away!

If you’ve got a good taste in music back from the days, you’re bound to be a fan of Bruce Springsteen. Well, there’s good news for you. You will have a chance to see the singer live in concert. Now how exactly do you get to see him live? Through Chit Chat Bingo of course! The online bingo site is giving away a pair of tickets to the Boss’ concert which is going to take place on the 14th of July at 12pm at Hyde Park. If you’re a fan of Springsteen and till haven’t got a chance to see him live in a concert, now is your chance to try and win yourself a pair of tickets to make the trip.

All you have to do is start playing a few games on ChitChat bingo with PayPal in order to win the pair of tickets. You’ll have to make sure that you collect a good amount of points while you’re playing in the next few weeks. You will have to make sure that you get on the leader board all the way to the top. For every £1 wager, you get points. However, you can also increase your chances of winning those pair of tickets if you earn extra points on certain days. For example, between Monday and Friday, you will earn 1 point for every £1, on Saturday or Sunday you’ll get two points for the same amount and on 19th June i.e. Sunday, you’ll get 3 points for the same amount of money as mentioned before.

You have till 10th of June to get on top of the score boards after which the competition comes to an end. Your scores will be updated on a daily basis to keep you informed about your standing. The winner will not only walk away with tickets, but £80 as travelling expenses too. There are prizes for the runners up as well!

Celebrate the Queen’s birthday and get your party gifts

The Queens diamond jubilee is coming up in a few days; so many bingo sites have started to prepare for the celebrations of the event. However, RedBus Bingo has decided to do something more dramatic and has gone out of its way to celebrate the Queen’s birthday on the 16th of June. It is said that the Official birthday of the Queen will take place at RedBus Bingo. They site is hosting a special game on that very day called the £2K Queen’s parade. On this event, the site will be giving three very special prizes to the winners of the games.

This game is scheduled to take place on the 16th of June at 9pm sharp. The three special prized that have been mentioned before include:

£800 high street vouchers + £300 cash for a Full House
£400 high street vouchers + £200 cash for Two Lines
One Line – £200 high street vouchers + £100 cash for one line

What’s even more exciting about this entire event is that you can get to take part in it for free. All you have to do is earn a certain number of points in order to get a free card into the game. With a collection of 500 points, you will be rewarded one card into the game.

But how exactly do you earn the points? Even that is very simple; you will have to email stories to RedBus Bingo about how you would celebrate your birthday if you were the Queen. Besides that, you could also call bingo on the crown pattern, while also earning points for every £1 you spend on bingo games. You can also earn points if you spend £20 on the instant games.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a royal prize on the royalty’s birthday. It’s an opportunity that only fools would let go off.

Celebrate the Eurovision Finale with Big Brother Bingo

There is a new promotion going on at Big Brother Bingo. This event is in the celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest that is going to be taking place soon. In this event, the players of the game stand a chance of winning a cash prize of £1000. The competition which is also called the £1k big belter, is going to be taking place on the night the song contest is taking place. The fun begins on the site after 8pm, so you need to be logged in to experience all that is going on. You can enjoy the music contest on television while also win play to win yourself a prize at the big brother bingo site.

The Eurovision Song Contest is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The grand finale is going to take place on the 26th of May. Engelbert Humperdinck is the player from the UK who is representing the country in this competition. The UK hasn’t won a single prize in this competition for a long time, and everyone in the country has their hopes pinned on this contestant.

If you want to be one of the lucky winners of the prize that is being given away, you have to start playing at 8pm. There will be many games with various themes which you can enjoy. Besides that, there will be a lot of pop prizes that you could win as well. At 8.30 pm the big belter takes place in the diary room. There will be three prizes to be given away as it is a 90 ball game.

For full house, you’ll win £600, for two lines you’ll win £250 and for one line you’ll win £150.
Don’t miss this opportunity to cheer for your country while also getting a chance to win some fantastic prizes at Big Brother Bingo.

Join the tartan army for the latest weekly promotions

The only bingo website one hundred percent dedicated to the tartan army of Scottish bingo players is the aptly named Bingo Scotland.  Bingo Scotland has made some noise lately with their profitable welcome bonuses and promising promotions, but deals come and offers go.  What gamers want is something that is here to stay, and Bingo Scotland thinks they have just the ticket for you.

Each and every week at Bingo Scotland, there are three weekly promotions.  Running Monday through Sunday, each player has one chance to win on any of the deals throughout the week.

The Money Spider offers gamers the chance to win up to 50,000 BP’s throughout the week in its online bingo game.  Legs Eleven is a similar type of offer, whereby if bingo is called on the number one, twice in a week you will pick five thousand BP’s just for doing so.

The third promotion runs almost identically to the previous two.  In Hot Numbers, players who call bingo on whatever the specified hot number is that week will pick up an additional 5,000 BP’s as well as their winnings.  The weeks hot number is announced in Bingo Scotland’s weekly newsletter, so stay tuned to find out if your number is up this week.

Run with the torch from City Bingo

In three days time, City Bingo will be launching their newest promotion, the City Bingo Olympic Torch Relay.  If you love bingo, and you love the Olympics then there is no finer way to get into the mood than with this timely promotion.

Starting on the 19th of May, every Saturday from 9pm (GMT) the 75-ball bingo games have got some excellent prizes, including one of the rarest and most prestigious give-aways in online bingo history.

The winner of the game each week will walk away with one month of bingo, absolutely free at City Bingo, plus £150 bonus prize money in cash.  A entire month of free bingo is new and has never been done before to my knowledge and there will surely be hundreds, possibly thousands of applicants vying to win this prize.

There are other prizes too however, including shares of both 100,000 and 50,000 points, which make for excellent runners up prizes.  They might not be as grandiose as the prize for the full house, but we are looking at some prosperous prizes nonetheless for the 1TG and 2TG winners.

All this and many more promotions are exclusively available at City Bingo today.  The Olympics aren’t that far away so the Olympic Torch Relay offer here won’t last too long.  To be in with your chance to cross the finish line first and run to victory, sprint over to City Bingo this week!

King Jackpots got the lot for new players

All hail the King of Jackpots, and long live the King of bonuses.  It may sound a little melodramatic, but there is no joke when it comes to King Jackpot’s welcome bonuses this month.  If you are a new gamer looking for a tasty treat and promising pay day, you need look no further.

Deciding to play your bingo in King Jackpot’s realm this month will see your efforts greatly rewarded, mainly in the form of two new player bonuses.

The first, just for registering will see you pick up either £10 or £20 for use on the bingo or slots games at King Jackpot Bingo.  Next up, once you’ve paid homage to the site with a deposit, is the proper welcome bonus.

You will be entitled with your first deposit to a match deposit bonus of 300% up to £300 just for choosing to play with them and fund your account.  King Jackpot Bingo will also offer you reload bonuses for each deposit placed thereafter, depending on what current level you are at with the online bingo site.  Levels are graded into either bronze, silver, gold, diamond or platinum levels.

New gamers will need a promotion code to access this most fortunate bounty, but fear not because this too is also available at King Jackpot’s online bingo site.

Sparkling bingo – a brand new PayPal bingo

About Sparkling Bingo

Sparkling Bingo is one of Dragonfish Software’s many online bingo sites, and in fitting with the Dragonfish fashion, Sparkling Bingo is a themed bingo site.  The pretty pink colouration and the name implies that this is an online bingo site themed for the ladies among the online bingo community.



Sparkling Bingo comes equipped with both 75 and 90 ball bingo, providing gamers with a choice of the two most popular variations of the popular game.  But it isn’t all about the balls and full houses at Sparkling Bingo.  This online bingo site also has a wealth of coverall jackpots, progressive jackpots, featured games, some including instant win classics and of course, team bingo.


Welcome Bonus

Sparkling Bingo has a rather sizeable welcome bonus in store for any would-be new payers that venture into its realm.  There is a nice and cushioned 150% match deposit bonus open to all new players when they make their very deposit in the online bingo site, and any subsequent future deposits are treated to a kindly 50% match deposit bonus too.  These offers at Sparkling Bingo fall into line somewhere around the normal rate for welcome bonuses amongst online bingo sites, putting Sparkling Bingo right up there with the competition when it comes to promotions and bonuses.  This is important to know, because it will ultimately be the deciding factor of whether or not most gamers sign up here, or elsewhere.



Many Dragonfish Software powered online bingo sites have the same promotions running throughout as their sister sites.  Sparkling Bingo is certainly no different.  Amongst Sparkling Bingo current ongoing promotions are a £6,000 free-for-all, the Bingo Olympics 2012, a promotion promising to reward players with free shoe shop vouchers and an instant game marathon.  The promotions at Sparkling Bingo have been running for quite a considerable length of time, so users shouldn’t be surprised in the near future, possibly this summer, if thee current promotions are removed and a fresher exciting line of offers becomes available.


Banking And Security

Like most online gambling sites, Sparkling Bingo is equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that prevents anybody from hacking into their accounts.  The site is also fire-walled for additional protection.  Sparkling Bingo accepts payments from most of the net’s common payment methods including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, Switch, Ukash, Neteller and Pay Safe Card, providing users with a multitude of options to complete transactions both to and from the online bingo site with.


What’s hidden inside your magic bingo box?

Bingo On The Box is one of the newest bingo sites that accept PayPal to appear on the internet this year.  To celebrate their new found good fortune, Bingo On The Box has decided to throw two delightful welcome bonuses your way, deals that are just too good to be missed.

Firstly, new players that sign up at Bingo On The Box will pick up a £15 bonus with no deposit required, just for registering with the online bingo site.  These types of offers are becoming ever more common on online bingo sites, but as always free money is appreciated money!

Secondly, should you blow all your wad on bingo at Bingo On The Box you needn’t fear.  Bingo On The Box would like to offer fresh new gamers the chance to pick up a 300% match deposit bonus for their very first deposit, followed up by a sublime 25% redeposit bonus all throughout the remainder of your time at Bingo On The Box.

New online bingo sites are often filled with inquisitive guests so this offer isn’t expected to last long, and you know what they say.  It is better to be involving in something new and fresh, rather than something old and ancient.  Bingo On The Box is certainly that, and your custom could help them rise up even further, and net yourself a tidy little payout in the process.