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Bet 365 offers £30,000 competition to rally your local community

Bet 365 Bingo is the place to be in just under five days time as they are preparing to offer one of the biggest promotions gamers can find on any online bingo site this month.  Bet 365 Bingo’s Community Night is set to offer £30,000 in guaranteed prizes throughout the event scheduled to take place on the 13th of May.

One of the bingo sites that accepts PayPal, Bet 365 Bingo has always been known to be convenient for online bingo players across the globe and this new promotion makes them just that little bit more accessible to what gamers want and desire.  Sundays are often boring for many of us, but Bet 365 Bingo is aiming to change all of that and put the spice in your Sunday evening, even if it is only a one time event.

The community night taking place in the guilty pleasures room at 6pm GMT on the 13th of May is a series of ten bingo games with ticket prices varying between 1 pence and 50 pence a ticket to play with prizes ranging from one hundred pounds up to the more luxurious one thousand pounds per victory.  The £30,000 worth of prizes on offer for all sorts of combinations, lines and full houses during this night only at Bet 365 Bingo.  Tickets for this Sunday’s game are on sale now at Bet 365 Bingo’s online gambling site.  Remember, you have to be in it, to win it!

Littlewoods Bingo to be renamed and transformed

UK online bingo site Littlewood’s Bingo is scheduled to undergo a major transformation tomorrow as the 10th of May marks to official launch of Vernon’s Bingo, the new online bingo site that will be taking its place.

The first of a series of changes from Littlewoods Bingo to Vernon’s Bingo will see the domain name transformed.  Littlewoods Bingo is believed to become defunct, with users now having to travel to in order to continue their online bingo experience.  The change will not directly affect those players who already have accounts with Littlewood’s Bingo as those users will simply have their accounts transferred over to the new Vernon’s Bingo.

Another of the changes visible to customers using the online bingo site, will be the addition of Vernon’s Bingo branding throughout the pages, however it is rumoured that the software that ran the soon to depart Littlewood’s Bingo will remain to active service for the new Vernon’s Bingo site.  This is software is reported to be G2 GTech produced.

To kick off the new celebrations at Vernon’s Bingo, the online bingo site will be hosting a £10,000 give-away promotion, along with a range of prizes varying from televisions to laptops and I-Phones.  Despite the change, Littlewood’s users can feel confident of a successful era dawning for their new bingo site, with these excellent promotions and offers being launched to promote the new business.

The Poshest Bingo site on the net is already Warming up

July might seem like a long way away but reassured, at Posh Bingo nothing can ever be prepared too early.  Posh Bingo understands that the summer means holidays to gamers, and that means money.  To ensure that you book a place in your calender for the 29th of July this summer, Posh Bingo is giving advanced notice, for the 29th of July is the £3,000 Treasure Island promotion.

In a nutshell, this is the day that Posh Bingo is going to split a total of three grand between three lucky winners.  The 3K Treasure Island game is scheduled for 9.45pm that Sunday and is a one time bingo event.  In order to be in with a chance of picking up one of the three fabulous prizes you can pick up free tickets by playing your favourite bingo games and IW games at Posh Bingo until that day.  500 loyalty points equates to one ticket so keep on playing those games to build up your supply.  Alternatively you can purchase tickets for this bingo extravaganza at £1 a pop from the PayPal friendly Posh Bingo website.

First place is a grand and a half for a full house, with two lines giving you £1,000 in cash and a single line rewarding you with £500.  There is plenty more information on surrounding promotions during the period leading up to and immediately following the £3,000 Treasure Island and all of this information is available at Posh Bingo for your perusal today!

The Jewel in the Crown of all Bingo Sites

Crown Bingo has got some royal ways to honour their subjects this month, specifically their Escalator Jackpots.  Every single day that passes this month, Crown Bingo has promised and openly declared to make their jackpots easier and easier to win.

It may be too late to pick up the jackpot for the seventy five ball Deal Or No Deal bingo game which was won on Saturday, with the lucky winner picking up a windfall just short of twenty five thousand pounds, but the Deal Or No Deal ninety ball jackpot, and the eighty ball jackpot are still up for grabs with the prize pools currently topping thirty nine and forty thousand respectively.

Also, on the 9th of May the ninety ball bingo game will be added to the list of escalator jackpots, meaning a total of three games will be available, if they other two haven’t been won by then.  It currently stands at sixty seven thousand pounds.

The cash cow room hosts the games each day at 5pm at the Crown Bingo website, with the objective being that bingo must be called in twenty nine balls or less.  Every single day that the jackpots remain not won, then another ball will be added to the total needed to call bingo.

These sensational escalator jackpot bingo deals at Crown Bingo will not remain open for long, as someone is soon almost certain to win.  To be in with your chance, you should head to Crown Bingo pronto, and get in on tonight’s game whilst you still can!

Bingo site has Gone wild with their monthly specials

Gone Bingo has launched a monthly promotion that is five times better than its nearest rivals.  The monthly promotion on offer at Gone Bingo actually consists of five parts.

The first is a Live Slots Tournament, that could see you bag a share of £50,000 in cash for the top 75 players in a league table, based on the amount of points you have earned by wagering on live slots games.  It is a tournament that is proving increasingly popular among other online bingo sites too.  The second part of the promotion at this bingo PayPal site deals offers to double your winnings on 75 ball bingo, if you manage to win twice within a twenty four hour period.  Your third slice of the offer action details that the 80 Pinnacle Room will be offering coveralls, fixed pots, jumping pots and seeded pots throughout the month for you to be a part of.  It isn’t really a promotion as more of an advert.

For your fourth promotion of the month at Gone Bingo, the 90 ball bingo game, Gone Bingo has announced that the prize you would normally receive for a full house has been switched for the prize you will normally receive for a line.  A single line is now worth a full house, in essence.

Finally, as the final part of their monthly promotion, Gone Bingo has announced that they will be handing out free online bingo tickets to depositing players throughout the month.  For every tickets you buy, you’ll be given an additional ten free.  Gone Bingo has plenty more promotions on offer every week, so to get your latest dose of offers, get to Gone Bingo today before they are…gone?

Bingo site is having a ball with IG Marathon

Of all bingo sites, very few of them are having a ball this Spring, Bingo Ballroom is one of them.  Bingo Ballroom is currently running an Instant Games Marathon (IG Marathon) on its online bingo site at the moment that promises to reward to three lucky players, well teams really, for their performances.

The objective is simple enough.  Bingo Ballroom is asking you to assemble a team of four of your very best bingo friends to work together as a unit, and send the information to them.  Of course like every great team, this team will need a name and once you have come up with something snazzy and cool sounding, send that to them too along with aliases for each of the players.  If you wish to play but don’t have a team, if you send your details to Bingo Ballroom, they’ll assign you a team to play with.  Once you’re set up and good to go, Bingo Ballroom wants to you play as many instant games you can all month long!  They aren’t asking much then…

Naturally, all entries must be in by the 7th of May (or the seventh of any given month) and points will be awarded for every wager made by one of your players on an instant game.  The team finishing top of the table on points will pick up £1,500 in prize money, the second £300 and the third placed side will bag £200.  That is about it from Bingo Ballroom, another excellent promotion from one of the best bingo sites that take PayPal.

Priceless Bingo offers tasty treats with this promotion

Now this is an online bingo site with great promotions, excellent offers and fabulous prizes.  All of the promotions at Priceless Bingo are one hundred percent unique, and give great value for money to Priceless Bingo players.  One of the best current ongoing promotions at Priceless Bingo, one of the bingo sites that take PayPal, is their Culinary Delight deal.

Culinary Delights is a four part promotion from Priceless Bingo.  As a gamer, you will have the option of trying the 90 ball special off their menu, which is a deal that alters every hour and features either coveralls, seeded pots, fixed pots, jumping pots and free games.  Also on the menu is an 80 ball promo which entitles you to buy one get one free on bingo cards for every game, all month long.

The 75 Fast Food Special promo will see you pick an Amazon gift voucher if you manage to complete bingo using Priceless Bingo’s Meal Pattern strategy.  There is also a sizzling hot slot game that is available every minute of the day as the fourth part of the promotion.

At this bingo pay with PayPal site, there is a £1,000 prize for the top twenty players in this competition, which is based on points, and Priceless Bingo have a live leader board to keep you updated on the current standing.  There’s no time to waste if you want to try and test your palate with Priceless Bingo’s tasty treats today!

Sky has a limit on it’s bingo promotions

Sky Bingo, run by one of the largest satellite television companies in the world is sorely lacking when it comes to promotions and bonuses.  It isn’t just a case of Sky Bingo having so few, it is also a case of the ones that they do have being of little interest to the vast majority of online bingo players.  One of the few promotions that this PayPal bingo site does have that could be considered interesting, is it’s Daily Triple Play.

On offer every single day of the week, Sky Bingo’s Daily Triple Play gives the sites loyal bingo players the opportunity to win on any of Sky Bingo’s three large jackpot, big payout bingo games each day.  This evening promotion has games at 9pm, 9.30pm and 10pm every evening in the Pennies, Premium and Value bingo rooms on its site.

The first game at 9pm is worth a total of £100 and tickets costs as little as a penny, whilst the second game of the evening is for a jackpot of £250 and games costs five pence per card.  The third game of the night is the big winner; it is worth five hundred notes and tickets to this large jackpot game cost ten pence a piece.

Of all the bingo sites that accept PayPal, Sky Bingo possibly has the least interesting amount of promotions.  Still, the Daily Triple Play is by far the best of the worst and if you are a loyal Sky customer, then Sky Bingo’s Daily Triple Play is certainly the way to go…

King Jackpot lacks the Promos but has the Bonuses

Several bingo sites are attempting to break the mould of riddled with promotions to bombard players in three hundred and sixty degrees of confusion and appear to be going back to simpler time.  Instead they offer fewer promos but more tournaments and a larger welcome bonus, and of the bingo sites that take PayPal, King Jackpot Bingo is one of those such places.

The number of PayPal bingo sites is rising but the list of good sites offering stunning tournaments and welcome bonuses is diminishing as online bingo becomes ever more popular.  King Jackpot Bingo’s welcome bonus is designed to get the fun going again.  As a new player there, you’ll be treated to a 300% match deposit bonus on your very first deposit.  The minimum deposit required to qualify for the offer is £10 and it takes the form of BB’s (bonus bucks) that cannot be withdrawn until they are spent.

King Jackpot Bingo also offers reload bonuses should a players account be lower than £5.  The minimum deposit to qualify for a reload bonus is also £10 and work on a player level basis.  The lowest level is Bronze for all first time players, but as they play more they can work their way up to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels.  The higher up the player goes, the more rewarding the reload bonuses will naturally be.

It might not seem like a good deal when compared to some monthly offers given by other larger online casinos, but what you have to remember is that King Jackpot Bingo’s deals are guaranteed, and a lot of other online promotions involve spending hundred of pounds, and you may not even win anything!

Foxy’s second site Zero’s in on the prize

Foxy Bingo is one of the most popular online bingo sites in the United Kingdom and on the list of bingo sites that accept PayPal, so it should come as no surprise then to learn that their second online bingo site is doing exceptionally well and is offering new deals that it’s parent site cannot.

Foxy Zero has a welcome bonus for new players set at  200% match up to £100.  This makes for an exciting prospect of players having a total of two hundred notes to play with when they begin their time at Foxy Zero.  Furthermore, every subsequent deposit you make at Foxy Zero offers you a 50% match deposit bonus on top, so every time you pay to play, you pick up bonus money, left right and centre.

Now for the interesting part.  Foxy Zero has a new game called Zerology.  Broken down basically it implies that everytime you play bingo at Foxy Zero, you have the option of completing bingo in either the Z,E,R,O patterns and if you successfully do so, you’ll be rewarded with 1,000 bonus points.  That is only for the 75 ball games though.  In the 90 ball games, if you win with a number that contains a zero, for example 30, you will also receive a 1,000 bonus point bonus.  This is a most ingenious way of rewarding bingo players with extra deals on top of their winnings and is sure to be a hit for this bingo site that accepts PayPal.