PayPal Bingo and Now PayPal Retail App for the UK

Not even two years ago PayPal was punted as not being an appropriate payment method for bingo online; despite the fact that this method was used by millions of British (and other) shoppers to pay for all types of other goods online. Online bingo sites soon saw that there was a gap in the market; they were losing a good deal of customers, and now virtually every good UK online bingo site offers PayPal as an option. Now PayPal mobile apps are becoming popular payment options too.

The ladies (and gents) who love mobile and online bingo, now have the opportunity to pay for their favourite services, by means of their favourite payment option. This gap in the market place has been spotted by retail shops too, and PayPal users are going ga-ga over the new UK high Street in-Store app.

When we talk about an in-Store app, we mean actually in the store – physically. So, effectively the shopper goes into a clothing store which now allows shoppers to make purchases , using their mobile phones. Some of the retail stores to get this off the ground first include; Aurora, Oasis, Warehouse, Coast and Karen Millen.

The app has been released for iPhone, iPad and Android, and was made available for download this week. Just as millions of online bingo fans have found PayPal to be the best online payment option; experts believe that shoppers will now do the same live.  Let’s face facts, if a bingo winner has funds in their PayPal account and they want to spend it on something that catches their eye in the High Street today, they want to spend it right now; instead of waiting days for funds to be transferred into bank accounts. Now they can! The PayPal rollout to large chain stores is bound to soon follow suit. Bingo- Paypal wins again!