Play Bingo And Bag Free Lottery Lines

Experts of the game, often liken playing bingo to playing the lottery, and as we know, the Euromillions is one of the richest lotteries internationally. But did you know that in fact bingo is thought to have started as a lottery game? Basically anyone who enjoys playing random number games such as lotteries, generally enjoys playing bingo.

Free lottery lines are tied in as special promotions at a couple of online bingo sites; for example Bet 365 Bingo gave away free EuroMillions syndicated lottery lines for promotional purposes, for quite some time. Rollover Bingo still gives away free syndicated lines in the UK National Lottery. Playing this way means that active online bingo lovers get the best of both worlds, as well as great value for money. What we are actually saying is; look out for deals such as these – what have you got to lose – it only takes one line to win?!

Recent big lottery winners include Colin and Chris Weir from Largs, North Ayrshire, who celebrated a mahoosive win last July – £161 million! A recent UK winner of the EuroMillions has also just recently bagged a £63.8 million share of last week’s EuroMillions jackpot, so, someone is a new instant multi-millionaire. There was a winner in 2010 who did not go public, but the size of the prize has to be advertised, and this ticket-holder banked a mind-blowing £113,019,926; while Dave Dawes and his wife Angela, from Wisbech, claimed £101,203,600 in October 2011.

It is true what they say “If you don’t have a ticket in it, you can’t win it!” But what is so exciting about playing online bingo is that some sites give away lottery tickets too. At least this offers a chance to win by having a ticket in it, and these players can win at bingo too. It’s a win-win situation!