Play Just for the “Jackpot Joy of It”

The last huge advertising drive for Jackpot Joy Bingo in the UK, was actually the first advertising drive this virtual bingo site ever had that was not online. They took it to the TV and other media and introduced us to the Queen of Bingo who is no other than the well-loved UK comedienne – Barbara Windsor.  As Gamesys – the parent company – set their sights on a larger marketplace than just the UK, they also set their sights on a new advertising company, and now the new ad campaign tells us to play slots and bingo Just for the Jackpotjoy of it’. Very nice, and looks like it might be a winner for this favourite UK online brand once again.

Gamesys not only wants to grow the business and set sights on markets further away than the UK; they also need to keep cementing their position in British bingo-land. They have one of the number one brand in Jackpot Joy, but if you think about it carefully, the only other brand on the Gamesys bingo platform is Sun Bingo. So it is a very exclusive brand. We only have to compare it with the DragonFish Network, who will license just about anyone with the money to pay, on their Brigend software, and has about 70 skins coat-tailing along. This includes brands such as Sparkling, Champagne and Bingo Fabulous, which are really not bad sites in themselves, but just about every time a new site comes along, it is on the Dragonfish network, where the games and prizes are not in the same league as Gamesys, with their Sun and Jackpot Joy.

Anyway that having been said, take a look at the website you be the judge – do play just for the Jackpot You of it.