Primetime TV Hot-spots For Spin and Win Bingo

The launch of the new Spin and Win bingo site took place in the middle of June. This is another UK-facing website; they are White-listed, and this means that the operating company may advertise in the UK. They are wasting no time getting their ad campaign off the ground and literally two weeks after the launch of the site, ads are going live on TV.

According to the press release, this is an exciting time for British bingo fans, and bingo rooms at the site have already proven to have far-reaching appeal. They have successfully established a player base, so, once the adverts are aired, the response from new players is expected to be spectacular. Why not check them out and see if this new concept has anything to offer you.

It is a city-slick advertisement, in keeping with the theme of the site, depicting young people having fun in a convertible, fireworks, bingo and tons of excitement. There does not seem to be anything about it that might be a problem for the ASA. Well at least, let’s hope not!

Check the ads out on terrestrial television channels – Sky, Channel 4, ITV and Five throughout both the day and night. Chances are that if you watch any of these channels the ads will pop up at some time or other. Another option is reading reviews at online bingo portals and learning more through players’ reviews, comments and the experience of others, for example here.

We have had a look at Spin and Win Bingo, and admit we were impressed, it does provide a fresh look at this light gambling genre. Everyone is a winner as they donate 10% of all profits to various children’s charities. They are however networked on the Dragonfish brand, and this means that promotions are shared throughout all networked sites. The only downside to this is that there are already 70 or more of these sites already operating in the UK. This means the competition to win is tough, but games are both free and cheap, so, what have you got to lose.