Shake the Tombola, and roll out the winnings

Proclaiming yourself Britain’s biggest bingo site is quite a statement, matching it however is something else, and the question is, can Tombola bingo pull it off?  Their simple looking bingo site is stocked full of buttons, deals and offers, but are any of them good enough to entice you away from any competition?

Well for a new gamer, Tombola will offer a reward of £30 when you deposit at least £10 into any new Tombola bingo account you create.  But unfortunately, that is where the bonuses end, at least in theory.  Tombola bingo does however excel in other areas.  At present at Tombola bingo, they are prepared to offer you bingo tickets from as little as 2p, and strips from as low as 10p each.  This isn’t too bas when you consider each can put you in with a chance to win up to £100 in jackpots, with over £4 million being won each week.  Tombola bingo is a PayPal bingo friendly site, to most peoples delight.

Tombola bingo has plenty of different games for you to play with however, and has an exceptional free bingo on offer too, with no deposit required.  It’s called Lucky Pick and sees Tombola bingo offer up to £20,000 every week to lucky gamblers.  Tombola bingo also houses such intriguing games as Bingo Roulette, Hamster Race, Cinco and Bingo 90, a variant of the more traditional 90 ball bingo.

Tombola, though far more official and perhaps to professional in its take on the online bingo scene, is one of the leading bingo powerhouses, not only in the UK but across the globe.  If you are after and ever realistic online bingo experience, then Tombola bingo is probably the way to go.  If you’re after bingo sites that accept PayPal, it’s a winner too.  If you’re looking for big hand outs and plenty of promotions, sadly, these are lacking.