Sky has a limit on it’s bingo promotions

Sky Bingo, run by one of the largest satellite television companies in the world is sorely lacking when it comes to promotions and bonuses.  It isn’t just a case of Sky Bingo having so few, it is also a case of the ones that they do have being of little interest to the vast majority of online bingo players.  One of the few promotions that this PayPal bingo site does have that could be considered interesting, is it’s Daily Triple Play.

On offer every single day of the week, Sky Bingo’s Daily Triple Play gives the sites loyal bingo players the opportunity to win on any of Sky Bingo’s three large jackpot, big payout bingo games each day.  This evening promotion has games at 9pm, 9.30pm and 10pm every evening in the Pennies, Premium and Value bingo rooms on its site.

The first game at 9pm is worth a total of £100 and tickets costs as little as a penny, whilst the second game of the evening is for a jackpot of £250 and games costs five pence per card.  The third game of the night is the big winner; it is worth five hundred notes and tickets to this large jackpot game cost ten pence a piece.

Of all the bingo sites that accept PayPal, Sky Bingo possibly has the least interesting amount of promotions.  Still, the Daily Triple Play is by far the best of the worst and if you are a loyal Sky customer, then Sky Bingo’s Daily Triple Play is certainly the way to go…