Techno Shoppers Including Bingo Fans Keen To Use Mobile PayPal Wallet

Online bingo players are just as much techno shoppers as fans of Jimmy Choos who purchase their shoes online. They are also regular users of PayPal as a payment method, so, just as you might visit eBay to spend your PayPal bucks, lovers of bingo use theirs to play games at online bingo sites. Now a consulting group has found that banks could be at risk of losing out to an emerging marketplace as 8 in 10 consumers would use PayPal as their mobile wallet provider.

While 6 in 10 users would make use of Google and the same would make use of Apple; 8 in 10 is a lot to lose out to PayPal if banks don’t sharpen their act up soon. Potential mobile banking consumers have also expressed a strong interest in using a variety of alternative services on their phones.

We also happen to know that mobile gambling services are currently experiencing a massive upsurge in growth, and pundits are saying this will be the next big phase of growth. All the online bingo sites that are worth their salt are offering mobile gaming, as are casinos, sports betting sites and even some poker websites. Although this game in its online version is sometimes difficult to multi-table on a mobile phone, new software is overcoming this factor more and more.

Mobile bingo players and other techno shoppers are also seeking out services such as loyalty programmes, real-time incentives earnings and search and shop.  PayPal needs to get going with something to offer if they are not to miss out on this brand new marketplace with the potential for massive growth. They need to remember that even though 8 in 10 would use a mobile PayPal wallet, 5 in 10 of these consumers would choose it over their primary bank, and this is really saying something to and about the banking houses of today.