The kings of the UK sports betting scene have taken over bingo

Ladbrokes though more traditionally known as the greyhound and horse racing bookies, or the giant UK sportsbook if you will, have recently made moves to conquer the bingo market.  A brief look at what they have to offer, shows exactly why the may feel that they have accomplished the feat to a certain level of success.  Voted WhichBingo? Bingo site of the year, Ladbrokes Bingo is offering you the best that money can buy.  Will you take it?

As a new player at Ladbrokes Bingo, you’d be entitled to a £100 first deposit bingo bonus, but this promotion won’t be lasting long, in fact it runs for only one week only at a time.  If it is up the particular week you decide to browse the net, looking for a new bingo site to play, I suggest you grab it with both hands.  There are stipulations of course, being that you must deposit £20 to your new Ladbrokes Bingo account before your £100 bonus is activated, and also that you must purchase at least £20 of bingo tickets, but this is exactly what you joined Ladbrokes Bingo for anyway, isn’t it?

Ladbrokes is also celebrating the leap year with a fantastic promotion that could see matched 100% on a deposit to your account, and starting this month, Ladbrokes Bingo will be adding weekly mini game offers on top of their already existing daily bingo offers to provide you with yet more entertainment in your quest to hit it big, with bingo.

With over 500 games and more to choose from, as well as being one of a handful of bingo sites that accept PayPal and UKash as acceptable payment methods, Ladbrokes might just be that shining star, or lucky ball you’ve been waiting for.  One thing is for certain.  When a company this big goes into bingo, they will be a force to be reckoned with, kind of like yourself, I’d imagine!