The online bingo world can be a ladies market after all!

Most men find the prospect of playing bingo, either online or in clubs unappealing compared with the poker, roulette or other more challenging games of luck and skill.  At least that is the consensus upon which we are supposed to believe.  So if online bingo really is a ladies market, why not celebrate that fact with an online bingo site devoted to the ladies of the game?  A PayPal bingo site like 888 Ladies perhaps?

888 Ladies has some rather remarkable features for those of the fairer sex who like to play their bingo.  For new gamers registering at 888 Ladies, they will find their first deposit rewarded with a free fiver, plus a 200% match deposit bonus on anything with a floor of a tenner and ceiling of a hundred notes.

The list of quality promotions at bingo sites accepting PayPal is getting larger everyday, but none so much as at 888 Ladies where aside from offering free bingo everyday, they also have a £2,000 Make My May Day promotion which could see gamers pick up a share of a two grand pot, Eggceptional Easter which offers you the chance to pick up some egg-cracking prizes, a twenty thousand pound Jubilee pot, one million points for a penny promotion the royal gem club deal and a up to £3,000 in supermarkets vouchers this Easter.

888 Ladies also houses regular daily and weekly promotions alongside these seasonal treats, ensuring that as a lady of the house, your bingo needs will be met with sensational satisfaction, and that there will always be something special on offer for you to stuff into your purse.