The Poshest Bingo site on the net is already Warming up

July might seem like a long way away but reassured, at Posh Bingo nothing can ever be prepared too early.  Posh Bingo understands that the summer means holidays to gamers, and that means money.  To ensure that you book a place in your calender for the 29th of July this summer, Posh Bingo is giving advanced notice, for the 29th of July is the £3,000 Treasure Island promotion.

In a nutshell, this is the day that Posh Bingo is going to split a total of three grand between three lucky winners.  The 3K Treasure Island game is scheduled for 9.45pm that Sunday and is a one time bingo event.  In order to be in with a chance of picking up one of the three fabulous prizes you can pick up free tickets by playing your favourite bingo games and IW games at Posh Bingo until that day.  500 loyalty points equates to one ticket so keep on playing those games to build up your supply.  Alternatively you can purchase tickets for this bingo extravaganza at £1 a pop from the PayPal friendly Posh Bingo website.

First place is a grand and a half for a full house, with two lines giving you £1,000 in cash and a single line rewarding you with £500.  There is plenty more information on surrounding promotions during the period leading up to and immediately following the £3,000 Treasure Island and all of this information is available at Posh Bingo for your perusal today!