UK Online Bingo Players Make Time to Have Fun In The Sun

While it I great to stay warm indoors, playing online bingo when the weather outside is wintery, cold, blustery or wet; the summertime is also a great time to play. The reason for this being is that bingo promotions are even better as sites attempt to entice players to stay inside and play, rather than go outside and soak up the sun. However, the other great thing about playing online today is that nowadays we can also play mobile bingo. So, we get to soak up the sun and play bingo at the same time; and if we are really lucky, win prizes of summer holidays, vouchers, clothing and all kinds of summery stuff.

Some of the best websites to look out for summer holiday prizes, are Foxy, Sun, Wink, City, Costa and of course various others.

That all having been said, one of the biggest online bingo portals in the UK is saying that the game is suffering in relationship to the good weather. A report has found that there is a “definitive correlation” between temperatures in the UK and the amount of online bingo being played. As temperatures rise, the number of players drops, and by the same token, when temperatures drop, then player numbers increase. For example; on the warmest recorded day so far of 27th May – the lowest bingo player activity was also recorded. Temperatures were 28 – 30 degrees in Britain. In comparison on the 4th May, almost double the amount of bingo players were online, and temperatures were 9.6 degrees.

We say; don’t take the sun for granted, by all means get out and have fun, but play on your mobile phone because who doesn’t want to win free holidays, cash and all sorts of brilliant prizes. Besides that, the less people playing, the easier it is to win. And remember, you can pay for online bingo at all the best sites, now using your PayPal account.