Ukash Bingo – Try Out a New Way To Play

At one time – in fact for a very long time – people who did not use or own credit cards were excluded from playing online bingo. This was the only way they could possibly pay to play. Then came along the ability to pay with a debit card, and after that all kinds of online payment methods seemed to spring up out of the woodwork. The only problem was, that this still excluded people who did not trust or did not want to use any kind of online payment method.

Ukash saw this gap in the market and came up with a brilliant way for players to enjoy online bingo online, even if they were adamant about saving all their cash, and keeping it safe underneath Granny’s mattress. UKash – not unlike a pre-paid mobile phone voucher – basically works in the same way.

It is a completely unique ‘ready-to-spend PIN code that allows the online bin go player to upload funds into their bingo account. When the initial voucher is finished, the user has to run to the shops for another, so, it is also a great way to budget for bingo. No banking details or any other information is shared online, so, no baddies will be able to guess that Ukash users keep all their money stashed under the mattress.

Even 888 Ladies bingo has been encouraging their members to spend Ukash online and recently hosted a promotion to give away £5 000 of these vouchers (still available till the last day of June). The vouchers are available at thousands of outlets nationwide, and there is a brilliant online Ukash locator available online. This will help you to find out where your nearest outlet happens to be. If you happen to fancy shopping for other items online, as well as bingo, this payment method is the perfect and safe alternative.