Bingo In The UK

The last few years brought an increase in popularity of online bingo, Google search stats confirm that. This increase could be attributed in part to a steady decline in bingo halls and a growing interest in the internet. According to official government statistics high street bingo halls have reduced from 650 in 1997 to 200 in 2012. That figure is expected to go much lower by the end of this year. Even more startling statistics reveal that online bingo has an unlikely audience; women 20-30 years old form the bulk of online players.

Bingo emerged in Europe in the 1800s but was commercialized in 1960 in the UK and made its way online in 1996. Today there are over 300 online UK bingo sites with over 3 million people playing daily making the UK the fastest growing market for online bingo. The UK comes in third in the world for online bingo popularity coming in just behind Japan and the US which hold the second and first positions respectively.

The possibility of one day hitting the jackpot is possibly the main reason why people play Bingo. Still many say that it is just a fun way to relax even if they don’t win. In the UK women who play Bingo online spend an average of £120 monthly in order to fund their Bingo habits.

Some Other Bingo Stats That You Might Want To Know:

  • 8% of the population in the UK plays Bingo. That comes to just over 3,000,000 people.
  • While the Bingo industry might seem to be all about fun and entertainment for some people it is very serious business. For instance the industry provides employment for 20,000 people who would have otherwise been unemployed.
  • For a long time Bingo has been associated mostly with older women but as it stands today nine of the ten players are under the age of 50.
  • The largest group of players of online Bingo is women between the ages of 20-30 years.
  • The high street Bingo halls are mostly populated with people over the age of 50 who would rather not play their Bingo on the internet.
  • 85 % of online Bingo players are women.
  • Women not only outnumber men when it comes to Bingo but they also spend 50 percent longer playing online than men.
  • While the growth of Bingo in the UK cannot be disputed the largest online revenue (almost 85%) still comes from US Bingo players.
  • The vast majority, 83%, of online Bingo players have their cards daubed automatically by computer software so that they can multi-task while they play Bingo. In the end the game is not taking all of their time.
  • Players in the UK Bingo halls prefer the 90-ball version of the game but for online Bingo the American 75-ball version is preferred. The figures are 69.2% for 75-ball while the other 30.8% play 90-ball Bingo.
  • 50 percent of online Bingo players admit that they play Bingo daily.

The popularity of Bingo will continue to rise as more and more people catch on to the game. Over 90% of online Bingo players have been playing for five years or less so while they are relatively new to the game they make up a market of new Bingo players that continue to spread their love for Bingo.