Bingo Videos and Commercials


Here we present the coolest Bingo Commercials on TV and on the net. They are fun and great to share with everyone.


Fabulous Bingo banned commercial – two girls and one Calvin Klein lip gloss

Thats a very good Paddy Power Bingo one – dedicated to all you beautiful girls
This Virgin Bingo commercial is just too much, ouch! Too cheeky. Just have a look at this new Cheeky Bingo TV ad
Some legends should stay legends! This is too much even for the man in tights Tombola Bingo’s commercial
Indian Bingo???  Another great one from Foxy – They have the best commericals 
The Big Brother (Bingo) is Watching you


Paddy Power Bingo’s hilarious and outrageous banned TV ads
I wish they made bingo commercials like this Dont have much to say about this one