Cashcade – Brilliant gaming sites

It is doubtful that too many online gamers will have heard of Cashcade, and yet despite this they have founded two of the largest online gambling sites around. There are over two million users that play at both of their two biggest online gambling sites. The first being the online casino Get and the second, and far more popular site, the infamous Foxy Bingo online bingo site that is regularly featured across television in the United Kingdom.

Cashcade considers themselves to be one of the leading developers of interactive gaming, and the basis for this theory comes from the huge success of two of their online gambling sites. No amount of success at Foxy Bingo can accurately permit them such a title however. Instead, more is needed than simply a large customer base.

To this end Cashcade offers the latest technology in the gaming software development industry along with additional information about the latest industry standards. In Perfect Storm, which is a newly launched gambling industry blog, its aiming to deliver the latest developments not only about Cashcade’s software, but also to highlight the financial success and popularity of this online gambling software company.

Cashcade has also been busy purchasing other online bingo sites to add to their portfolio. Bingo Scotland and Think Bingo were acquired by Cashcade five years ago and have since blossomed into highly popular online bingo sites, with an average of 60,000 online bingo players each month visiting one of Cashcade’s marketed online gambling sites.

Cashcade’s award winning online gambling sites like Foxy Bingo and Get may use other software and technologies, such as Wager Works  for Poker and Globalcom Software for their online bingo sites, but that doesn’t mean that this marketing giant does not operate it’s own online gambling sites. Aside from online bingo sites and the heavily aforementioned Get, Cashcade runs an instant win gaming site called Get Minted which is powered entirely by Cashcade’s own gaming platform.

Cashcade itself underwent a buyout three years ago and as such has since been acquired by Party Gaming. Despite this, Cashcade still operates as a relatively independent entity and has a total of fourteen online gambling sites under its brand. The United Kingdom company continues to provide online gambling management services for several others online gambling sites including Trinity Mirror, Daily Mail Bingo and Cheeky Bingo. Bingo Ballroom and Champagne Bingo are also online bingo sites that are currently run by Cashcade.

The bonuses and promotions run by Cashcade vary greatly from site to site, indicating that the online gambling sites that are owned by Cashcade are treated as separate entities and do not all follow the same swansong of offers as can be found in many other online gambling sites. Most notably those completely powered by Dragonfish software.

This gives Cashcade owned online gambling sites a very unique feel about them, and does that little bit more to justify Cashcade’s claim to being one of the leading developers of interactive gaming.